Use Credit Cards to Buy Real Estate

– Hey everybody, Zach Oehlman with Valley Investment Club, hope you're having a great day Today I want to talk to you about leveraging your credit

I talk to a lot of people that have amazing credit scores, amazing credit profiles, but they're not making any money off of it So what we show people how to do, and what I've done particularly is I have over $400,000 worth of credit cards And you may go, what I actually use those credit cards to buy fix and flip properties or rental properties or invest in businesses Most of the money I can get at 0%, what I do is I transfer that money into a bank account

And to give you an example of what's possible, we just closed on a deal, we paid $220,000 for the purchase of a fix and flip, the rehab's about 60, I have a lender that lends 80% of the purchase and the rehab I needed about $65,000 to cover the gap, the difference between what they funded and what we need I used 0% interest credit cards to fund that I'm gonna make anywhere from 25 to $40,000 on this deal in about four to five months, and I have none of my money in it I leveraged the hard money, and I leveraged 0% interest credit cards for the rest

We're doing things like that everyday We're also helping people quit their jobs by lending earnest money That's something where we take people that join our group and they lend out $5,000 here, $5,000 there, they get 15% return in a month So they lend out $5,000, they get $750 back So every $5,000 due, do that twice a month, that's $1500

You do that four times a month, that's $3,000 Obviously there are risks involved This isn't a risk-less investment, but once you're educated, what happens to risk? Right, it mitigates, so if you want to learn more how we're doing that and how you can do that, come check out our events We're doing property tours every Tuesday and Saturday We have all types of other events going on throughout the valley, so check out my website for more details, www

valleyinvestmentclubcom Hope to see you soon, bye bye