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five D arena, hello products are shown in no particular order to know more links in the description below sit back and enjoy, number one on list, hey guys my wife and I Hey we're packing for our trip to Savannah we've got this new fuse smart card that's going to help us with our purchases throughout the trip this card can store information from almost any card in my wallet debit cards credit cards reward cards gift cards gym membership anything with a barcode and EMV chip a magnetic strip or NFC text view stores if you just swipe or take a picture of a card through your smartphone and it appears on fuse now you may be wondering about security defuse card runs on Bluetooth and connects directly to your phone if necessary you can delete all the information on the card with the push of a button I've got my key I've got my phone I've got my wallet fuse allows you to select any card to use when you need it for instance when you pay for gas you might rather use debit and credit you can also add your gas pay membership info you can even use multi pay mode to combine the two cards for a simpler transaction use makes it all using its button you can create a six tap password to lock and unlock the card so if it ends up in the wrong hand they won't be able to access your information by pressing the hold button for three seconds you can freeze the fuse card so that your preferred payment method doesn't accidentally change the card stays locked and active for 10 minutes unless it's told otherwise it's cool too because if you forget your card your phone will send you an alert before you get too far away plus its battery lasts an average of 30 days that means you have about a month before you have to worry about recharging it but when you do have to charge it visas portable charging cradle has a built in battery allowing you to charge the card on the go in Savannah we had the chance to use the fuse it's pretty awesome that you can put all this tech into a card as thin as this fuse your whole wallet in one card number two paying with your mobile phone sucks because your phone rings just about when you're ready to pay because your phone should be wall to control because you know your phone dies on so in the end you can never get rid of your wallet this is band wallet and this can totally replace your wallets Wow we are tired of being convenient truth of our outdated wallet and we stick a phone pretending to replace our moley so we replace your wallet and then swap we're introducing then those who believe that the technology can change the world better are here has been team developing the product that they want to choose now Wallace is a physical election walnut combines our credits Sabbath and gift cards month lights and teaches us atop first receive your card swipes watching Doctor degree knowing you displayed above the left and the right bottom will make your payment even easier damn expand wallet is really simple as the older device up to the coordinator our self-development examination technology sends out a magnetic pulse over a very short period of time this is done pick up I recorded justice and on the square we value user experience when wallet is smaller than small compliment on cosmology it's a beautiful continent and solid we spend wallet you don't have to worry about losing your wallet anymore then wallets prototype has already been developed we are in the process of the beta testing with their support we expect to start the mass production at the campaign ends and deliver the product to you and soon as possible number three here is your enlightened want a defeat that guy definitely need one I used to be just like that guy take the lug around multiple credit cards they have a card ATM card rewards cards gas cards so many cards you think I was a blackjack dealer and then I found no one it's smart technologies that allows me to simplify my life by consolidating all of those cards into one even the gift cost my mom gives me every year on my birthday nice mom using the one app I can securely load as many cards as I want now the picture the car so I know which one it is and select the ones I use the most pretty sweet huh one could be my ATM card if I ever need cash or I can tailor one to be my credit card I don't want to make some cool purchases I'm going to time to get down to business I can switch one over to my business account pay for this business lunch yeah that's just act 1 makes it simple for me to fully integrate into one world come check this out I just got an alert that I left one behind and if it ever gets lost or stolen well I can remotely wipe it clean using the cloud plus one is powered by C right technology so I have added peace of mind my personal information is safe and secure so if one is the most secure wholly integrated smart technology on the market yet the question is why don't you have one one smart date and secure go to get my one comm number for something we need to talk about your wallet it's getting crowded credit cards debit cards gift cards gym cards you get the idea what if you could safely store all of those cards on your phone and then access them from one card introducing Stratus your Bluetooth connected card goodbye clutter Stratus not only stores all of your cards it also helps you find the one you need based on your location just tap your card twice and Stratus gives you options right on your phone's lock screen gas card perfect and Stratus is also safer than the cards in your wallet that's because it uses bank level encryption and never displays your card numbers and since it's Bluetooth connected you can have Stratus locked down if you ever leave it somewhere no more drama from a lost or stolen credit card another cool things when you go to pay Stratus remind you about that gift card you got last month and now you actually have it with you when you need it the let's be honest you've got your favorites that's why Stratus has touch sensors right on the card for quick access no phone needed so you never have to slow down I think you're getting the picture time to trade in your 8 pound wallet and say hello to simplicity and security on a smarter car that is accepted everywhere strattice your cards connected number five we've created the world's smartest wallet swipe soive consolidates credit cards debit cards gift cards and loyalty cards into a single secure card from farmers markets to gas stations to ATM swipe works anywhere making the payment process simple with swipe you can instantly send a gift card to anyone in your phonebook buttons allow you to switch between all your cards and swipe displays a graphic image of your selected card add as many cards as you'd like wife consolidates them all swipe saves you time it predicts which cards to have ready for your next transaction so there's no searching for your business card when you're out with a client and through the swipe app you can attach receipts for clutter free bookkeeping swipes is independently secure meaning if you're swiping comes out of range with your phone it will automatically lock but even if you left your phone behind you can still use swipes to make a last-minute purchase a custom secure pin allows you to unlock your card whenever you need it complete consolidation so all you need is just one card in your pocket smart secure simple swipe hey there thanks for watching this video click here for watch more and please subscribe to our Channel it's easy with the subscription button it's down there somewhere don't wait for me to ask you again go ahead and subscribe I promise you won't regret it