Take A Second Look At Your Credit Card Charges  | Capital One

– Okay, so I hate to break it to you, but your mom was right All those times she told you to take another look, just take a moment to think about the times you didn't look twice, and how that turned out

The embarrassing text you sent to the wrong person Ooh, you're still regretting that one The time you were talking about your boss and didn't realize he was standing right behind you [man clears throat] Oops Either way, taking a closer look can save you a whole lot of headaches, especially when it comes to your credit card

Like, did you really mean to buy two motorcycle helmets on the same day? Or, was that really large tip you left a mistake or your way of apologizing to the waitress for your kids trashing the place? The charges might be legit, or they might not be When you think about it, taking another look is a great way to save yourself from both embarrassment and costly financial mistakes Keep a close eye on your spending and know the moment anything looks out of place