Small Business Credit – Physical Therapy | Capital One

so yeah, it's no surprise that insurance companies don’t really want to pay very fast so the average time is between six to eight weeks we might treat you today and we won’t get paid for six weeks…or eight weeks obviously over the years we’ve worked on that strategy to get it going but in the beginning it was tough and we had to put the money aside to make sure that we could pay for our staff, pay for ourselves and make sure that we can get to the next one so we’ve used Capital One in different ways credit line was, in the beginning, was instrumental in our growth we couldn’t have survived with it, without it I’m saying, it was absolutely… it was necessary in the business to survive with that credit line because one month of running almost negative with a credit line would save you pay off all your bills and the next month you would do… it was kind of a process and you know it took some time and as you put a little bit more aside you were able to get it so by year two, you had a little bit more and you didn’t need the credit line as much