Purchasing Tips for Prepaid Calling Card


An estimation of five hundred prepaid calling cards sold annually for the last ten years, which makes the calling card industry boomed.

Prepaid calling cards can be seen almost everywhere. One can purchase prepaid calling cards in a lot of stores which includes the convenience stores and gas stations. Some can purchase online through the internet. There are heaps of prepaid calling cards and each has different rates and services offered. It is wise for the customers to understand each of the cards in order to choose the right one with best rates.

If a lot of people think that choosing a prepaid calling card is that too easy, think again. Yes, indeed, the price per minute is typically written on the card and on its advertisement. But the problem in here is that the price per minute of the prepaid calling card does not essentially reflect the best rate. There can be some surprises that are being charges or added to a call. Typically, if the per minute call is being charge lower then the surcharges are higher. There are also some prepaid calling cards which have huge connection fee that are being charge to every call. The actual per minute cost of a call will be much higher because of this connection fee that is being charge. Using the prepaid calling card in payphone can also give surprise high surcharge. The surcharge that will be charge to the calling card is as much as 50 cents for every call you made in a payphone.

There are also many prepaid calling cards which have international call surcharge. This surcharge can be as high as $ 3 per call you make. Other surcharges that are being charge to your calls include taxes, which can be as high as 25% and also a weekly or monthly maintenance fee. One more is rounding, this is a hidden charge. If the prepaid calling card uses a five minute rounding, a minute call made will still be charge as five minutes call.

Now, before purchasing or choosing a prepaid calling card, one must have the better understanding on how you are going to use the phone, where the calls will be made and when will it be made. It is wise to have the valuable information that is useful in finding the right prepaid calling card for you. Prepaid calling cards with low per minute rates with high surcharges are typically great for making long calls about 10-15 minutes calls or even longer. But if you are making less than 10 minutes calls, a prepaid calling card that has a higher per minute rate with low surcharges will be better.

It is better to have the necessary information before purchasing any prepaid calling card; you have to know how to use the prepaid calling card, the rate per minute, the surcharges, the expiration date of the card and the likes. You have to be equipped with this information, but in case when the prepaid card does not have such information, you have to ask the customer service about the information you needed, but if they still can not give you the information you needed, it is wiser to look for another prepaid calling card. Beside, there are heaps of prepaid calling cards and all you have to do is search for the right one for you.

Indeed, prepaid calling card is very useful, in order to keep in touch with our loved ones amidst of always traveling or working and studying far from them. It actually made communication easier and faster, but you have to still make the right choice in using a prepaid calling card , choose the card that will suit your needs and your budget.


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