Mark Cuban Business Is The Ultimate Sport

Welcome to the business credit builders We guarantee your business a minimum of $50,000 in business credit without a personal guarantee Every business is tough right There's no business where there's not someone trying to kick your ass you know

That's the beauty of business That's why I love it It's the ultimate competition I say it all the time Business is the ultimate sport except instead of playing 48 minutes like an MBA game is played 24 by 7 by 365 by forever And you have unlimited competition that you don't even know who they are more often than not and in that world And that's the way it's always been and that's the way it always will be in that world you have to prepare you have to Grind you have to work There are no shortcuts You just got to do it You know and if you can't do it, please be in some of my businesses so I can kick your ass Whether you're starting a flower shop or opening a coffee shop childcare businesses janitorial businesses restaurants and beauty salons and trucking services and graphic artists and freelance Tax services and food trucks and people who Come from a different culture and know how to make that food really well people have dreams and maybe They haven't been to stanford business school, but they still have dreams about being Able to do something providing a service doing something that they really love well

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