How to get $250,000 in Business Credit Webinar

Hello everybody and welcome to our special webinar today I'm really glad everybody could join us, so I don't do this a lot this is gonna Be pretty rare walk through of a couple different things today We're gonna be talking about how you get business credit step-by-step We're also gonna be talking about how you get loans and credit lines We're also gonna be diving into talking more in depth about the fastest way to be able to get both so today We're gonna be talking about how you get twenty fifty thousand dollars in business credit for your EIN That's not linked to your social and we're also gonna talk about how to get business loans and credit lines Even when you think you can't we're gonna be decoding really a couple different things first

We're gonna be talking about how to get $250,000 in business credit for your EIN That's not linked to your personal social security number We're gonna map out the exact steps to do this and you're gonna get access to all the insider information As of two days date a lot of things have even changed And we're gonna map out the exact process for you to be able to be successful In building your actual business credit and building your corporate credit We're also gonna Talk about how to easily get loans and credit lines You know a lot of business owners need money, and what money to grow But don't know where to get it and don't realize that there are literally hundreds of different programs out there that are available That can actually help you obtain loans and credit line, so these are type of things that we're going to be diving into today So we have a lot to cover We're probably gonna run about 90 minutes, and I will stay to answer questions as well So we'll get a chance to make sure that everybody has questions I know a lot of you will have questions during the webinar But if I stopped and answered all the questions during the webinar this would take three four or five hours possibly So I'm gonna go ahead and get to those at the end of the webinar right now So let's start at the beginning when we talk about business credit We're talking about credit That's obtained in a business's name now with business credit the business itself is Building its own credit profile and score for the business cin number so much like you have a credit profile and score That's linked to your personal social with business credit

You're building credit that's linked to your actual iin number now this credits and the business name so it's based on the Business's ability to pay not the business owners So whenever you ever hear about being able to get money with no credit check you should Be skeptical most people are i'm skeptical even when I hear that But the way business credit works the reason you can get it Regardless of personal credit is because if you think about it It makes a lot of sense It's credit for your business It's your business standing on its own It means your business itself is qualifying and the ability to obtain credit is based on your Business's ability to pay not you as the owner so because of this each Years you build business credit you get the ability to obtain more and more capital Without it relying on your personal guarantee or personal credit because the business gains its ability to stand on its own and as the business gets of this credit starts obtaining capital then it first starts with getting credit cards Office Depot Home Depot Sam's Club Costco Dell BP Walmart mastercards visas America Express almost every retailer or big store That's out there of some sort off for some kind of corporate credit even Nordstrom does even Macy's this to give you an idea of the different types of stores that do this even Pitney Bowes for example um But you're also building a credible and lendable foundation that helps you get loans it helps you get credit lines now Business credit alone takes a lot of building to ever get loans and credit lines just based on this credit I'll tell you that upfront because a lot of people won't but it will help you obtain twenty thirty forty thousand dollar Individual credit cards in the process of building it and as you will see here in a few slides It is the foundation of you being able to get loans and credit lines We're even gonna look at commercial Reports to see what lenders see so there's a lot of benefits You should know before we dive in one is that business credit has no effect on your consumer credit has no adverse impact On your consumer credit scores so most people use their own personal credit funded business the problem with that is is That when it comes to consumer credit 30 percent of your consumer credit score is made up of what's called Utilization so that means as you put balances on your credit cards you lower your scores substantially, I mean almost as much as if you pay your bills late because 35% of your consumer FICO scores payment history 30% utilization So with business credit these are credit accounts that report on the business credit report It's not the consumer, so you could even max your credit cards out and not adversely affect your consumer scores at all Because your consumer credit won't be affected because the accounts are only reporting on your commercial credit reports Plus Even if you have good credit well Then you don't want to have inquiries on your commercial or on your consumer credit reports unless you want to and in the commercial world You have the ability to get a lot more loans and credit lines When you have few to no inquiries on your credit within the last six to twelve months so this has no adverse effect It doesn't affect your utilization because the accounts only report on your commercial reports And there's no inquiries because they're not pulling your consumer credit when it comes to getting approved for business credit and that also means that You can get approved no matter how bad your credit may be even if you have credit issues well This is credits Not based on your consumer credit quality so regardless of how good or bad your consumer credit is you're still able to obtain Commercial credit because there's no credit poll when it comes to getting approved even if you have good credit Well, then you're still gonna care about there being no personal guarantee because with business credit you're not liable for what happens in your business you you and the business are separate if you're for example a certain entity which we'll Talk about a little bit later here and in doing so you can separate your liability for the business so if you ever do default if the unexpected ever happens to you and you Default on an account or even go out of business they can't come after your personal Assets this might not be a big deal to a lot of people because we don't think of failing But I can tell you for that they absolutely Will wipe out your personal assets when this happens? so if you can keep your family's finances and assets safe why not Business credit will help you do that It will help you separate the liability and its SBA and Inc and entrepreneur a Nasdaq of all these sources This is why they talk about the importance of building business credit is to separate that actual business liability So business credit building is very fast what I'm gonna Show you today is the fastest way to build business credit? Which means you can immediately get credit as soon as we are done with this webinar You will immediately walk away and be able to get credit And then you'll be able to build that credit to very quickly get credit with most major stores even Visa cards master cards even Auto Vehicle financing and this is important because anybody can see your business credit reports your prospects Competitors potential buyers of your company or clients potential investors, you know we're not used to this in the consumer world Somebody has to have your permission to pull your credit report It's called permissible purpose pearl law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act well in the business world There is no Fair Credit Reporting Act It doesn't apply to commercial credit So what happens is? Anybody can see your reports without your permission as a matter of fact if you go to dun and bradstreet to get your credit report The first thing they do is give you an option do you want your credit report or a credit report for another business? so again with business credit It's important to build a profile and score because anybody who wants to can easily see What's on your reports now business credit also gives you a greater borrowing ability because you have both Consumer and commercial credit so for example you can go into staples today and get a consumer credit card But the problem is is that when you do that you can't go in tomorrow and get another credit card with staples But with business credit you can get a consumer credit card And then you also can turn around and get a commercial credit card the next day It's the only way you can get two credit cards at most major retailers is to have Consumer and credit in commercial credit the difference is is that commercial credit limits are much higher than? consumer credit so with business credit SBA Limits are about 10 to a hundred times higher than what you see with consumer credit This sounds like a really crazy number, but it's not if you think about it because you may never need to spend $20,000 for home computers with Dell, but you very well could want to spend or need to spend $20,000 worth the computers with for your actual business so because of this this is why limits are so much greater in the business world than they are and with business cards than they are with consumer, so Because of this you can get 20 30 40 50 thousand dollar limit credit cards within six months or less and today We're going to map out the actual Steps to do this will even take a look real approvals that people are recently obtaining you also can get approved when you can't get a bank loan or alternative financing as a matter of fact business credits The only way to get money for a business when you have no collateral bad credit And you don't have cash flow so Even when you have no chance at all of getting a loan you still can come in and get business credit Even as a start-up I call it a catch-all cuz Everybody can get it no matter what your scenario is if you have a business you can obtain it So even if you think there's no way you can get financing We're still gonna map out how you're able to get business credit You can also access loans and credit lines To grow to fund your business you use your profits to grow your business instead of your personal funds there's a lot of studies on this that show that a Healthy business that has a good chance for long term success is a business that does not rely on Your consumer credit it also does not rely on your personal assets for your personal cash injection so the more your business can start funding itself the healthier your business is and all the Statistics show that when it can fund itself and the healthier it becomes then the better chances you have of long term success in your business Which of course gives you a huge competitive advantage? So with business credit it also determines three things when it comes to loans and credit lines one Will you get approved or will you get denied to how much money? Will you actually get approved for and what rates and terms? Will you get? So if you want the most amount of money at the best terms and to be able to get approved for loans and credit lines business credits an absolute essential Necessity which we'll show you in just a second you can be denied financing based on business credit quality Even if you have no business credit established Whatsoever I'm gonna show you on the next slide Exactly how that works So let's take a look at some reports and let me show you what I mean, so first of all you can be issued a failing business credit score for your business even if you have no credit reporting and This makes you look unestablished possibly even on the fight verge of filing bankruptcy This is why they give you a failing score because a business that's operating that doesn't have credit Like it's unestablished or possibly even on the verge of filing bankruptcy as a matter of fact the reporting agencies even have a bankruptcy Score that depicts your risk of going bankruptcy So here's a perfect snapshot from an experienced commercial credit report that shows what this looks like you can see the score This is an intelliscore it ranges from zero to a hundred one hundred is the best score you can get zero is the worst so we see this company has a Twenty a credit score we see that's very high-risk current financial stability risks score this literally depicts your risk of going bankrupt And you can see that it's about as high at risk as you can get we see the factors Lowering the credit score right down here lack of active traits, and what's interesting is when we look at this Here's the trade lines the company has zero They'd have zero credit across the board so in this case you've got a company that's given a failing score their bankruptcy Score says about as high at risk as you could get but the crazy thing is they have absolutely no credit reporting on the commercial credit report again We're not used to this in the consumer credit world you have to have bad credit Not pay your bills for example to have bad scores But in the commercial world if the reporting agencies like Experian and Equifax Even know your business exists, and they know your si si code They will automatically populate a report and your report will look like this We pull reports all the time and every time I see a score of 27 to 29 I am me and a credit limit of $1,000 I know this combination means that we're dealing with the company that has no credit And unfortunately these are a lot of people that come to us They go to their bank to get a credit card they they'll go to their bank to get a loan or credit line we have companies that make millions of dollars in revenue and are denied for $10,000 credit card limit credit cards because when they pull the business credit They get a notice that says that the business credits bad

Well as you can see there's nothing bad here There's just nothing here, and it's the nothing here that is bad, and this is exactly what happens in the commercial credit world now Let's take a look here at what happens when even one account reports so after this webinar I'm gonna show you how to get Accounts or report to the reporting agencies and that one account can take you from no score or a failing score to a great score So you become more lendable and the reason for this is is because business credit scores are based mainly on one factor in one factor only and that one factor is how you Pay your bills if you pay your bills as agreed you instantly will get a good score How good how good depends on how early you pay the bill if you pay it on time? You have an 80 to 90 score if you pay it early then you'll have a 90 to 100 score so all you have to Do is get credit that reports pay the bill and it gives you a good score so in this case we see somebody that has a 96 score credit welcome recommendation of 2500 bucks we see their low risk about The opposite end of the spectrum right there's lower risk as you can almost Get to so we took somebody here from high risk to low risk and what's interesting is This is the only account on their credit report a packaging account probably a Uline account, which we'll talk about a little bit later So this one account they added, they spent less than $100 recent high credit They used they spent less than $100 and they are having 96 score Here's where things get interesting They had a 28 score exactly the same as the one I just showed you like I said Very common 28 is a good score There is a score that completely indicates somebody usually has no credit And they've got one account and their scores shot up from a 28 up into the 90s where they are now this is one I'm gonna teach you how to do today is to go from adding one account to your credit report and Helping you go from no or bad credit to a good credit And then continuing to build that to qualify for more and more money now again You can't just get one account because some reporting agencies Which we'll talk about as we progress require more than one account Which is the pitfall a lot of people fall into and I'm going to help you avoid so what happens as you? Continue to grow your credit the business credit reporting agencies recommend you for more and more money this helps you get higher approvals on business credit cards loans and credit lines so Equifax dun & bradstreet Furion all have what they call credit limit recommendation And it's exactly what it sounds like this is the limits that they're recommending to four credit issuers and lenders So they're telling lenders and credit newsrooms based on what we see and all of our true billions of dollars of analytics We've developed this person should be recommended for in this example a thousand bucks That's the first example We looked at and a couple slides ago last slide We looked at this person We saw that that one account took them up to $2,500 credit limit recommendation

Here's somebody that doesn't even pay their bills They're paying their bills bad 27 score they're still being recommended for seven thousand dollars in credit 69 hundred and they have two Accounts on their business credit report as we continue to grow the business credit Here's somebody that's being recommended for fifteen thousand and six hundred dollars in financing and they've got three Accounts on their business credit report here's yet another one that has sixty five thousand almost sixty six thousand dollars in financing They're being recommended for and they only have four accounts we see three we see the fourth one come down here on the second page And then here's a company that's being recommended for seven hundred twenty four thousand and two hundred dollars in credit And we see how many trade lines they have I'm not sure how many that is, but that's probably about fifteen We'll go with about fifteen accounts So I just showed you the progression of business credit from a lender standpoint the more Credit you get the higher your scores will be you even saw examples of people that have lower scores Because they're not paying their bill, but are still being recommended for more money, so as I mentioned this is credit will determine if you get approved or denied if you have a bad business credit or no business credit your chances of Getting approved for a lot of financing are nil okay It also will determine the rates and terms you'll pay your credit score really factors and do that how high your credit score is Indicates how you pay your bills the better the score the better the rates in terms you're going to get it's like that with consumer Credit the consumer world as well and business credit also Determines how much you're going to get approved for and you see clear as day that every one of these commercial Reports has a clear credit limit recommendation that lenders and credit issuers Are you? To actually determine the approvals so when you apply for credit you get an approval and you get a certain limit This is what factors into the amount of credit limit that you're actually issued We know it's not manually taking place because it happened so fast So these automated systems that credit issuers use are looking at the reports factoring in their credit limit recommendation and this helps them Determine the kind of limits that you're going to be issued and whether or not you'll get loans and credit lines as well So that being said it's also important to note that every successful business in this country has business credit now a lot of people believe The opposite here, they think you have to be big to get business credit But that's not the truth the truth is any company can obtain this as credit If you know what we're gonna talk about today, but you have to have business credit to get dick so for example Here's a look at Facebook We see their experience snapshot with 40 trade lines We see here with Dell how they have 83 trades, Microsoft been around since the 70s 131 an apple But are not around since the 70s as well with 138 trade lines We see pilot Flying J with a hundred and fifty three business credit red light So what's a trade line the trade line is the reporting of an account on the credit report? I just showed you a bunch of examples from real commercial credit reports So you can imagine what this is like to have a hundred and fifty three trade lines so if you think that Facebook and Dow and Apple are able to get millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars left to them because their Facebook Apple when PI Inj, that's not the case They are gay being lent large amounts of money because you of the example I just showed you previously They're obtaining more trade lines the more accounts that they have on their commercial credit report the more credit They have established the higher those recommendations for credit are which is why these companies are being lent more and more money

Here's Publix Supermarket Lakeland, Florida down here in Florida or doubt right down here in my home backyard 171 trades and here's Walmart with five hundred thirteen trades, so Walmart really is the perfect example of what you can accomplish with business credit 80% of what walmart sells they actually buy on credit And you pay them for it before they actually spend their own money to buy it so they go and they you Bounty paper towels Example I like to use they go to bounty they use business Credit to buy paper towels they put it on their shelves You come in you buy the paper towels from Walmart you say Walmart Here's my money walmart takes your money And they use it to pay back bounty for the paper towels they buy 80 Percent of what they put on their shelves on credit and use your payments to actually pay off the credit This is why they're the number one retailer in the world It's also why they have five hundred and thirteen trades They've mastered OPM using other people's money to grow and in doing so this has given them the leverage to become the number one retailer in the World now here's Mars Incorporated They make Mars bars with 22 traits Here's where things get interesting

Here's a client That's just not very far into building business credit Just a few months into the process that has a traits Well this they make Mars bars They have 22 They have eight They have more than 30 percent like thirty five forty percent as many trade lines as the Mars and Crump company does Here's another company That's a year into business building business predator

What their profile looked like a year and with 14 traits They have seventy percent as many trade lines as Mars corporation has so again any Company can build this as credit as a matter of fact the steps I'm going to show you today are a lot of the same steps that a lot of the bigger companies Used in their early years to build their initial credit profile and score And now as they've continued through years and years to build it They have the ability to get access to more and more credit, so you do have to get business credit to be big there's no highly successful pump any public or or a privately owned company In the United States that has got to where they are without building business credit all of them you name any of them we could Pull the same thing and look at their trade lines but you Do have to have business credit to get big you don't have to be big to actually get access to business credit You just have to know the proper steps the process to follow which brings me to The main topic that we want to jump into here How do we build business credit? Well, I'm going to do this two ways for you first I'm gonna map this out and show it to you through power We're gonna go through these slides I'm gonna map out this exact process all then show you exactly how our clients do it So you can see how not just it works, but how it works when you get the fastest and easiest results So we'll do that then we'll dive in and even talk about loans credit lines Before we continue to move on so here are is a great look at what's possible with business credit from the samples? So this is her exact quote we went to our bank to get a business line of credit They turned us down We go subscribe it now if you're following the steps We've now secured over 96 grand in business credit cards and just applied for the platinum Amex card and got approved instantly With no limit now We have four to five different companies Call us every day trying to get us money, and that's a really good problem to have we're excited And if you don't have business credit yet You should get them to have the same results we have so we just look at their company success tax relief We looked at at the beginning stages where they had 14 traits

Their story is way different now their Amex has no limit They oftentimes spend about about a hundred thousand a month on it They have over a quarter million dollars in business credit that they've already obtained so again You'll see at least a few of these examples to go inside with the actual title of the webinar So here's clients have secured over a quarter million They use business credit to make over a million dollars their first year in business And then this year they now make over two million dollars I just interviewed Thelma two weeks ago as a matter of fact to get an update on their progress So a real good look at exactly what's possible when you're building business credit following these steps So what steps you follow? Well the very first step is you want to build your business credit and by the way I? Will in the if you're staying to the end, and I'm sending you a replay I will send you a link to an interview with him, so they walk you through the whole initial process of building business credit What their experience was like in the beginning the accounts they got the limits all those types of things? I will get that to you if you're sticking around to the end so the very first step We've got to setup your business credit lenders and credit issuers Have a secret set of standards that you must meet to get approved you get this I get this you've applied for credit cards once Things happens you either get an automated approval or you get that dreaded message that you'll hear by mail in seven to ten days Well, what's happening? Is that when you're entering your information in there? The credit issuers computer is processing the information and it's time to like a checklist if you meet all their criteria It's a series of checks And you get an approval if you don't then they basically Red flag or get exes and criteria that you must meet if you have enough of those you get denied So that's how it works so my goal for you Isn't just to get business credit It's to give you a path to get it the fast as fast as possible by making sure that you get Automated approvals well to get automated approvals We have to understand this secret Unpublished set of standards that these credit issuers and lenders have once we have this then we have established a lendable foundation that helps you get approvals automated for credit cards and Also helps you get the loans and credit lines that you're looking for so if you meet these standards you get those Automated approvals if you don't meet the standards you're typically gonna get denied It really is as simple as that so you've got to set up your business credibly before you even think of starting to get credit and financing if you don't you'll Oftentimes get denied as many of our clients do before they end up coming to us so first you want to set up your entity now you can build business credit with entity a sole proprietorship a partnership a corporation an LLC but it's only a corporation or an LLC where you could truly separate your liability and the reason for that is is because a partnership or a sole Proprietorship you and the business are one and the same with a corporation or LLC your entity is separate from you as an individual so you can also separate your consumer and business credit your liability can be separate so you want to try to set up a corporation or LLC if you're not if you already set up as a sole profit or partnership consider changing over to a corporation or LLC to separate your liability look I'm not an attorney, but I'll tell you if you're a sole proprietorship or partnership And you in the business or one in the same if the business gets sued you can get sued and that's obviously something you want To avoid as well as being able to separate your actual personal guarantee for the business and they and your individual as a consumer So you want to stay away from high-risk business names that indicate that you're in a high-risk industry because again If you're looking for automated approvals And they see you're in a high-risk industry that alone can get you denied so a little bit later I'm gonna show you Exactly how you can show you an actual list or how you can access a list of High-risk industries to make sure that your name doesn't indicate You're in a high-risk industry if you are not only is it hard to get merchant accounts and bank accounts But can also result in a lot of automated denials because they don't want to lend you money if you're in a certain industry We'll talk more about that a little bit you want to get your free ein number from the IRS It is free a lot of companies out there make themselves look like the IRS you get to the end of the process they try To charge you money Don't fall for that scam ie I n numbers are absolutely free a lot of people think misses credits built under your Duns number with dun & bradstreet It's not It's built under your actual AI n it's also interesting because a lot of people think that you need to have your EIN They have to ask for your EIN before you build business credit That's not true either They can actually just with your name and address still issue you business credit Even if they don't know your EIN number, and i'll tell you how that's possible in a little bit But you have to have the ein number to build business credit It's absolutely crucial as we get into step 3 if you need licensing in your state and your county for your industry well Then you need to make sure that you have that Licensing so you're operating legally and you also want to make sure that all of your online Listings have the same information as what's on your application the details must be congruent so What this is where a lot of people fail one of the biggest reasons that bank loans get denied is because of this right here It's because The address that you have with the Secretary of State is not the same as what pulls up in a Google search and it's different Than what's on your application? What's on your application must be consistent with what's on your bank statements it needs to be Consistent with what's on Google and Bing and Yahoo it needs to be consistent with the secretary of state records If not you'll oftentimes get denied for loans and credit because they're not sure they see a lot of mismatched information which automatically Triggers denials in a lot of different cases so you also want to make sure you have a fashiona website setup They're going to search your business online It's better for you that they find your business online through your own website find your own information online So you want to make sure that you have a professional website you want to have a professional email address don't use Yahoo Don't use Gmail

Don't use anything That's not a professional email That's what you want maybe your name at your company calm or Sinful at or sales at your company calm You know nowadays You can go to GoDaddy and for 12 bucks you can get a domain that comes with these kind of email addresses But don't use Yahoo and Gmail type email addresses that can oftentimes get you tonight you want to use a real physical business address on your Application if you don't have a physical address, maybe you work from home That's okay Use a virtual address a virtual address as an address that you rent Basically an address to get mail at without actually paying to get an actual office

I'm gonna take a real quick drink of water so that's what a virtual address is instead of you coming in and Getting a physical office You're renting an address you get your mail there You can use the address on all of your documentation And then the company will then actually get your mail and forward it to you as a matter of fact Nowadays if you want them to they'll even open your email take pictures and send you the pictures of the mail if you want them to So that's what a virtual address is that's much better than a home address if you can use it if you can access it now The third and worst and last case option is a home address that you want to use you don't want to use in that order you want to first get a business address if you can get A physical address get a virtual address if you can't get a home address set absolute last resort Why is a home address last resort because again? You've got to think about this from this perspective Lenders and credit issuers especially when you start building business credit have no other information about you you have no business credit established They're not looking at your personal credit reports either And you don't have anything else established with the business so all they have to go off of is the information on your application so obviously a Business address makes you look more credible than a home address desk now if you use a home address Can you still get approved yes absolutely with some sort so for example We just looked at a testimonial from the samples Well, this is one of the things that she didn't realize well She didn't realize was that she got denied Walmart the reason she got denied Walmart was she was using her home address Now staples would approve you Office depot will approve you but some credit issuers like Walmart won't approve you so if you want the most amount of credit you need to use a business address or a Virtual address a physical address for business or home or virtual if you use a home address some sources will still approve you but other Sources won't what you'd never want to do is use the po Box or UPS address and here's the reason case you need anything just give me a call Kiyo box Of course Amuro company Because lenders and credit issuers have a Database of these addresses that their computers cross-check if their computers find out that you're using a Pio or UPS you Automatically get denied in almost all cases It's it's just an almost guaranteed way to get denied so if you don't want to get denied never use po Box never use UPS if you want to get a proof for all the credit You can get get a physical business address or virtual home address at least resort But again know that a home address will still get you denied with some sources you need a business phone number you never want to use a mobile phone number on an Application you never want to use a home phone as your business phone number on an application again credit issuers and lenders Have an online search that they do when they know immediately if your phone number is a business phone a home phone or a mobile Phone so you want to make sure that you get a business phone number can it even be a voice over IP some Services you want to avoid but voice over IP will work in a lot of cases You should get a toll-free business number you should have a fax number as well Even if you don't get or send a lot of faxes you never want to leave that field blank on an application and you need To get the phone number listed with for one one that sounds easy But it's not For one one is one of the basic searches there a lot of sources in step three start looking at here's why you can't Fake for one one you can't go to four one one Com first of all for one one com is not for one one a lot of people think it is and it isn't But you can't go to four one one directly and list it It doesn't work that way the way the four one one works

Is they pick up your business organically from sources like Google with Bing and Yahoo and other places so Basically you have to set up your business and wait through time four four one one to pick you up Enlist your business now if you don't want to wait well, then there are services You could pay to expedite services like yext which is $500 a year services like lists yourself Which is about three hundred and sixty four hundred dollars every year that you have to pay and maintain it And they will keep you listed with for one one so you can pay to get listed with for one one or you can it Organically wait to get listed, but you can't just go to them and get listed That's why they use this as a basic criteria Because they know you can't fake it now later on I'm gonna show you how to get for one one without paying a dime For it which saves you that nearly four hundred bucks a year so once you've done so once We've set up this business credibly and there are more credibility points But I touched on the major ones that you want to focus on Set up that business credibly now once you've done so the next thing you want to do is get set up with the reporting Agency now There's three major report reporting agencies in the commercial world Equifax and Experian Obviously we're familiar with them They exist in the consumer world as well There's also dun & bradstreet, which is the biggest reporting agency in the world? Commercial and consumer combined they're the biggest and they really only are in the business world You don't see them in the consumer world so you want get a set up with them and You want to do a free check you want to do a check with them to? See if you're set up with them now if they know you exist why we already know why? Because as we looked at earlier if they know you exist they can issue you a failing business credit score So you wanted you a check to see with all of them Do they even know you? Exist because if so you probably want to get your credit reports to see if you have that failing score And I'll show you a little bit later Exactly how you can do a free search with all three of the reporting agencies to figure that out You want to get your Duns number with dun & bradstreet? Some credit issuers will issue you credit without it some won't so I had an experience rose I was building credit for a business applied for staples Business credit card that he denied me, and I thought well That's weird business credits established I told the person on the phone that I said that can't be the case we have credit with dun & bradstreet Here's the Duns number and they said okay He pulled it again with the Duns number and got an instant approval so the Duns number is very very very Useful to help you build business credit as a matter of fact dun & bradstreet Won't even establish a credit profile for you unless you have your Duns number, and you can get it for free And I'll talk to you later about how to activate all of your credit profiles and get your Duns number without paying any Reporting agency in the thousands of dollars that they may charge you to do it you also want to fix any accuracies and derogatory items now again business credit repair very different than consumer credit repair very different because Consumer credit repair has it has the Fair Credit Reporting Act involved There is no Fair Credit Reporting Act in the business world so because of that there's a whole different process to fix inaccuracies on your business credit reports and a little bit later I'm gonna show you how to easily in one click get in there with all the reporting agencies to be able to fix inaccuracies So now we follow two important steps We set up the business credibly

We got set up with the reporting agencies We fixed any inaccuracies on the report we Made sure they don't have a negative report with us now we got our Duns number set up the next step you want to take Us to get initial credit now just like with consumer credit You're not able to get credit for your business on a lot of the places you want Visa MasterCard American Express staples office depot stores Unless you have some kind of initial credit profile established So let's look at staples for example if you go into staples with absolutely no consumer credit They're going to deny you but If you go into staples with some kind of established consumer credit that you paid your bill disagreed They'll approve you same thing in the business world in the business world you go into staples with no business credit established They'll deny you if you go into business staples or your bank with established business credit They'll prove you so the key is to establish an initial credit profile and score And there's three different ways to do this one is paid on a Bradstreet for their DD MB credit builder They'll typically charge you fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars I know if you've ever spoken with them They give you some all and they quote everybody different numbers It's crazy the different numbers that I hear them quote people but on average when I look at everybody's quotes together It's about 1,500 bucks to $2,000 okay so that being said it's about 1,500 to 2,000 dollars to get approved for and used credit builder now the Problems with this and there's a couple of them first of all you only are building credit with dun & bradstreet That's a problem right think about what your consumer credit would be like if you only built credit with TransUnion and didn't with Equifax Experian You'd never get a mortgage You'd struggle to get a car loan You'd struggle to get credit cards or pretty much any kind of credit cuz a lot of credit issuers look at Experian and Equifax Same thing in the business world you can't just build credit with dun & bradstreet Even if you take this stuff and spend thousands of dollars You're still gonna have to go in and follow one of the other two ways to build with initial credit Because you've got a little business credit with all three DMV Equifax and Experian the other thing to note about dnb's credit builder most trade lines You'd want to add can't be added you can't add any kind of utility to your credit report You can't add rent or any payments with your landlord You can't add any bank References or credit that your things that you paid on bank accounts you can't add major Credit cards on your business credit reports so when you rule all that out rent utilities bank credit reveal You know revolving credit major credit well There's not a lot of things you probably have left to add so those are two of the biggest Faults that we see with this first option now the second options fantastic way to go you can get up to 150 thousand and unsecured actual credit lines No doc

You don't need revenue You don't need collateral for approval you get 0% financing Even as a start-up fantastic way to go They usually come in the fat And the in the form of for credit lines or credit line credit lines or credit cards with cash out Capability you could take physically all the money out you could take out you get approved for one hundred fifty thousand you can take one hundred fifty thousand out at 0% and these report to the business reporting agencies now these ones do require a Guarantee because you have an established business credit yet, you're just starting it But they helps you build business credit with high limit accounts and you're getting up to 150 thousand in cash credit So it's a great way to go because you're getting your v initial trademark here But you need to have one thing to be able to actually get approved for this which is pretty good personal credit about a 680 credit score higher if you Don't have a 680 credit score higher You don't want to provide a guarantee well, then that brings you to option 3 Which I'll tell you in just a second, but before I do Let me kind of give you an example here, so here's a client They've got sixty one thousand and four hundred in these Unsecured credit lines throughs places like City, and here's the US Bank and when you add these things up They got sixty one thousand four hundred dollars in total credit, so they're building their business credit And they're accessing physical actual credit lines that they can take the cash out on in the process a pretty cool thing to access when we talk about startups And I'll tell you how to get access to this Here a little bit as we actually dive in go into the loan piece of this Now the third option if you don't want a provider personal guarantee Or if you don't want to have your personal credit pulled, or don't have good credit and again Even if you don't have good credit I'll talk to you in a little bit about how to still get that funding option We just talked about even if you don't have good credit, but if you don't have one of those two options Or don't want to spend the fifteen hundred to two grand with DMB You don't have the good credit or be it want to go with the personal guarantee option Well, then you go with this option, which just starter vendors These are guys that will give you initial credit Even if you have none Established now now they usually offer net terms like net 30 which gives you 30 days to pay what you borrow Versus revolving where you could pay minimal monthly payments? But and you've got to find vendors that do report to the business reporting agencies and who will approve you with no prior credit established I'm gonna introduce you to a bunch of those sources Here in a few minutes as we dive in and take a look at the fastest way to build business credit So you've got to have five in these accounts reporting It doesn't matter if you're using the visa that can master card cash credit with good credit that I just talked about is option two Or the vendor credit an option three you need five accounts to move on to step four in this process Now some starter vendors include Uline quill even Wells Fargo has a secured credit card which does require average or better credit for that? But quill and Uline have no personal guarantee No personal credit check for approval and you gotta be careful most vendors over 97% I I personally believe it's 99%, but the stats on this show that it's 97% of vendors Don't report to the reporting agencies you have to be careful There's a lot of companies out there that Actually reported at one time and no longer report And I see people all the time to try to use forums even use our videos to build their own business credit and the problem Is they're going out and using acts are trying to get approved for credit for vendors that no longer? Report then they wait for months for those accounts to report Only to find out that they never were going to report and they've lost two three months worth of time so again I'm going to show you how to shortcut the process and not make those mistakes As we dive in a little bit further So you don't run into those obstacles that literally will cost you months and months worth of time so Either way, whether you go with the personal guarantee of the no personal guarantee option Then what you want to do is you need to have five accounts reporting before you can start to get actual other accounts without a personal guarantee Without a personal credit check the ones with limits that are 10 to 100 times higher Than with consumer credit cards now with this step you start to get approved for store credit cards again Amazon Walmart Costco Sam's Club almost any retailer you do business with offers these kind of commercial credit cards you also start to get fleet credit fleet credits where you get fuel and maintenance for vehicles and auto repairs covered so if it's on your vehicle wolven It's definitely helpful if it's on a fleet of vehicles or like you're an over-the-road trucker Well this becomes crucial because it can be 600 bucks or more to fill up your gas tank Your truck breaks down you have all kinds of maintenance and repairs so fleet credit becomes very useful And you can start to get all this when you have at least five accounts reporting now That's the key? Again when I say you can get this kind of credit with five accounts the reality is you can start to get some of these Accounts with five trade lines, so I'm going to show you here in a few minutes How you? Can actually easily tell exactly how many trade lines you need to get to these different tiers of accounts so here's some actual approvals from one of our clients Christine and again Christine has been on one of our webinars as well where she's mapped out the entire process she went through at the time she got 150 158 thousand dollars in credit she's now over a quarter million dollars in credit that she's obtained as well These are her actual real approvals, so you see in the beginning She starts to get 2 3 4 5 $10,000 approvals sprint to grant Amazon 4500 Exxon 5 grant fuel man fleet six grand BJ seven grand

That's a cash credit card actually BPA grant now she's in the transportation industry, so she got a lot of fleet credit She gets a lot of gas credit because that's what the industry She's in if she worked out of an office She'd be getting off the steep Oh, and the staples, and she'd be getting a lot more office hot store type credit, but she's in the transportation industry Which is why she goes and gets fle credit, which is why she's in here getting um? You know gas credit cards for example Then if she sees accounts started to report she starts to jump up to the ten fifteen thousand dollars the ten grand at lows 12 five at Apple shell 15 Office Depot 15 Sunoco Sears 15 grand Then she John starts to jump to the top tier Will you start to get to 20,000 paws pretty quick? Costco 20 grand Best Buy 40 Dell 40 Ford She actually is getting her vehicle without the personal guarantee about the printer so crunch I got that through Ford and got approved for 40 She's even got a roofing account with an individual limit of 75 grand These are all individual limit credit accounts No consumer credit check was required for approval No personal guarantee as a matter of fact when I asked Christine on the webinar Did you provide a personal credit check she paused and said no they never even asked me for my personal credit though Christine I hear a little bit of echo there if you don't mind while you're not talking if you could mute your microphone That would be awesome Okay, so everybody hopefully you can hear me you could see the screen here Oh can please see the results that somebody's actually obtained and talk to them and then together Christine And I are going to literally map out the exact process of how we got here now

What's interesting is I change the title of the webinar you can see here How Christine got over a hundred and eighteen thousand a business credit approvals is what it was last month, but Christine you just got a a $40,000 approval is that right just a matter of weeks ago Yeah Slide for it it was a Question as to how much we were going to get although it doesn't report to the credit report as of yet It's one of those ones It's going to be a UTC filing, but we can't spend up to 40,000 on any kind of equipment that we need So it was it was really very large blessing It's something that we can hold on to when we are able to fully expand and go from there well great great now somebody said on the chat here that there's no sound and hopefully that's not the case I Can see and hear you everybody else says they could see in here So you might want to test and just something with your microphone or something to that effect everybody else is saying, it sounds, okay? So I just changed it here We are it was a hundred eighty thousand when we originally scheduled this webinar Christine Just got a forty thousand dollar business credit approval We're gonna show you a lot of this credit on our physical business credit reports, but most important We're gonna map out the exact process The Christine took to gear because Christine it wasn't an easy process you tried some other companies tried some systems I've had a lot of failures before you started to get success is that is that right? yes, we've been trying to build business credit for over two years now and Once we found your program It's we just took off so the other companies would put the the smaller starter trades take the money and do minimal or Do things that we're not ethical and I'm like I can't deal with company like this I am in business I need to survive I need to get funding for my company so when I found your program

We were like okay how legit is he so I started doing it and It just took off it really just took off It's fantastic and that's one of the reasons everybody I wanted to bring Christine on work for me And it's because they worked with not so straight or legitimate Companies or they try to do it on their own and they ran into blockades and they failed and I don't want you to have those failures what I want to do is take the years that Christine spent trying and get rid of all that and just give you the exact formula of Success so you can come in and skip the years of trying to figure out jump to the part where you know exactly what to do and Actually start executing that is our goal and that is exactly what you're going to learn during the webinar today so today We're going to driving in talking about how Christine got over 148,000 a business credit approvals, I sent quickly she actually has obtained this over the last 90 days This is not the only credit She has very important to mention of the hundred and forty-eight thousand I'm not even including any of the initial vendor credit that she actually obtained to start her business credit profile score I'm only talking about verifiable accounts we've seen Populate in the last 90 days that she's got approved for and started to populate on her business credit reports as well So let me tell you a little bit about Christine Christine is a the owner and operator of Farrell transportation her story here as well now federal transportation on their credit report established eight of 2015 here's a little bit more about them, so Christine tell us a little bit more about what your business does Well, we won't for a while we were hauling Equine horses and things like that, but we got out of it there was just too much competition And we stuck we're sticking to what we know we usually do dry bands or over the road trucking and We have done some have net But we usually just lease the vehicle to a company and have them dispatch the load and we pay the drivers from there We're not a very large company We're less than ten people but we do what we can and We're looking to actually purchase companies down south in Texas and expand and just trying to be able to further our business and go Be able to be more self-sufficient And they'll pull for my husband to come home instead of being one of the drivers that we have to pay have him help me and him be able to say hey you take this load here you take this little here and just Have the lifestyle that we've always wanted You know guys This is a very interesting story a very interesting path that a lot of you that are just starting in business will soon experience Nothing in business ever works out like we think that it will so you can see here the Christine's Describing a business model they had went into they believed, and they tested it did not work out well for them So they were able to shift their business into a couple other different directions and be successful But the problem is is that when you don't have the capital to relearn these lessons and make adjustments This is why so many businesses fail in this country when we look at the two biggest reasons for business failure one is mismanagement its managers and Entrepreneurs that we don't exactly know what we're doing we're kind of going through this trial and error to figure things out as we go And the second reason is lack of access to capital Meaning that when we don't have the money to support us we can't afford to make a lot of mistakes and when we do make Mistakes then it puts us out of business so today I'm gonna teach you how to get capital That's not linked to your social regardless of personal credit regardless of cash flow regardless of collateral So you like Kristine can have that capital to back you to be able to see things aren't working make Adjustments have failures then turn around and have successes You can do all this as long as you have the capital to back you to be able to make it happen and that's really Our goal for today, and you know Greg you're Gregory I think is one of the people on here That's saying yes You know it's completely legitimate it works excellent So there's a lot of people on here that have also had success Beyond Christine as there are with our life our live streams as well So you know as you heard Christine say she struggled for about two years worked with a lot of different or a few different business credit companies and Had some bad experiences so Christine give us a little bit more specifics about some of the problems you had Trying to do this on your own working with some other companies and kind of what ensued out of that well it all started back in 2011 because When we incorporated a company we went to legal zoom when we got all the paperwork They didn't tell us we had something called a dun & bradstreet number

We had no idea this thing existed so fast forward to about 2014 2015 we had heard somebody and passing mentioned something about it so we researched it We go to apply for it and we get declined because we already have one This was a big news for to us We're like what is this and how do we find it? So we're calling legals and we're called env and they finally were able to give us all the information we were looking For because this was not provided to us This was not told to us This was not even Remotely mentioned It was like we were not supposed to know about this It was a dirty little secret, and we weren't supposed to know but With all that we found a company that said okay in 90 days once you get this 80 payback score no matter What once you get that magic eighty number you can get whatever you want They didn't tell us that you Have to have not only starter train You have to have fleet Cards you have to have all these lines built up for that 80 to be able to get to where they were saying they They Gave us, I think three starter train lines We're trying to repair the personal credit as well, and let's just say it didn't go very well But what we're gonna talk about today is a program that doesn't require good personal credit doesn't require credit repair to get approved it gets you access to the 20,000 Costco and the 15,000 Sunoco and a lot more of those type of credit we're gonna break down Christine's actual approvals here in a minute And you'll get a feel for what's actually Possible so she struggled to be able to get the financing to start and grow with you a two-year process Three different companies that said well, we'll do it for you or We'll get you a quarter million at 0% or all these other things just to go through and find the pitfalls and again That's exactly why we're here because we don't want you to have that happen so She couldn't really qualify for the loans and the credit Which is why she was building the business credit and financing and then starting to build business credit with a few other companies? Spent considerable time struggling to get credit two years plus And then only ended up with the basic starter accounts Which I'm gonna teach you how to get within you know days of leaving this webinar today So literally you could take that couple years and all that money that Christine spent to learn what I'm going to show you today For you to be able to come and start getting approvals right away, then start jumping to these kind of Approvals that Christine has now as she mentioned She actually saw our information online and this was I think about now going on a few months ago about three months ago And then really started to follow a lot of the methodologies she kind of told you part of the story since it went out the first thing she did was get a $15,000 – note go move forward and started to get $20,000 Costco, and we'll go through a lot of the provements keep in mind

She's a transportation company they deal with driving they deal with these type of things so to get Fifteen and twenty thousand dollar gas credit cards Christine I mean how big of a deal was that for you? That that was insanely crazy, I mean I was expecting twenty five hundred five thousand Maybe because I always thought you know our BP car was only eight thousand dollars, so I'm like okay I don't think we're going to do much more than that But I've had people message me say how is it you're being so greedy with these? The amounts are given, and I've message them back politely I'm like you have to take into consideration the kind of work We do the kind of money We spend on a daily weekly monthly basis It's going to be completely different than a t-shirt factory a nonprofit organization Everybody is different, and I'm not saying I'm being greedy with these approvals But also to that the creditors are going to look at what you do What kind of income you garner if They ask for this stuff, and then they're looking at okay if they're in transportation They're going to spend a lot of money monthly on these cards But that's you know that's kind of a different story But people have to look at that – it's what I'm getting is not going to be what? Somebody else is going to get or just The company that I own will not be getting these kind of amounts so it's kind of a thing Well, and that's what else talked about is that you know one of the benefits of business credit? Is that the approvals are ten to a hundred times higher than consumer credit you can get 20? $1,000 living accounts within 60-90 days maybe a little longer Because and it seems crazy to you to individuals, but as a business we need access to that much money That's that's nothing you know we can spread 40 50 thousand on credit cards in a matter of weeks and then pay him off and that's basically what Christine is describing – So what are the things that she said to me through an email is we really just been through the mill on this you know? I've been learning every way not to build business credit when I came across your videos two months ago I really did just take off with the funding after that so in the past two months We've seen major improvements, and we're really looking to grow from here We've been through three other companies with little no results except for an empty bank account And this is exactly from one of the emails that Christine had actually sent me on this topic so again This is very very very typical where you know once you know the formula You can do a Christine did in two years

She only got starter accounts in two months She was able to start getting multitude of 10 $15,000 accounts once the formula was unlocked which again is the major purpose of today? So after working she just got to prove for over a hundred eighteen thousand It's now 148 in credit of ever since learning the system because she just got a $40,000 approval none of this credit was obtained using her personal social credit check or with a personal guarantee One of the coolest things Christine you've ever said to me Was on periscope when I said did you provide a social to get a social security number to get any of this credit? And you said to me they never asked Is that right they've never even asked for your social because your initial business credit was established Now they never asked So here's how business credit works you start with starter vendor accounts which I want to tell you in about in a few minutes how? To get then you move the store credit Then you start to get fleet credit, and what Christine mentioned the commercial cards Which are cards you can use in a multitude of places? That's how this actually looks I want you to see it on a slide We're gonna look at it on real business credit reports as well, and then I'm going to map out the process now Somebody is asking all these using only ein so Christine the question is are all of these accounts I list here You got using only your ein Did you provide your social security number with any of the accounts that I've listed here absolutely? No no social security number was supplied They might ask for your DMV number, but this strictly off of the ein very rarely Will you get a compliment ask for DMV, but no social was applied? Whatsoever hey guys just so you know sometimes? They won't even ask for your EIN, and this confuses people especially in the beginning And it's because you can pull somebody's business credit report with only their business name and address so in the beginning you line in quill These guys won't even ask you for an EIN number some of them likes like gimp wars will ask for your Duns number So they're all a little different some won't ask for Duns Some will some won't even ask for iin some will when you start to get to this level they almost all ask for your EIN But as Christine said most of them never even asked for her social Some of them did ask because they didn't know any better She moved up to a supervisor and got around that without providing her social Them one of the biggest reasons that you should pay attention to business credit is it's the only kind of financing you can get where You don't need cash flow you don't need good credit And you don't need collateral for approval if you Don't have cash flow credit or collateral you typically can't get a loan all of those are required for big bank loans with business credit You don't need to verify or provide any of this and you can still get approved and a kid in it gives you access to Loans credit lines, which means you can fund your business, okay, and you can use your profits to grow Instead of using your profits to try to reef your business you can use the capital you're obtaining to fund your business Which is why Christine's business is having such success and that obviously gives you a competitive Advantage the reason they never asked her is because they pull her business credit account They see 15-10 trade lines, and then they start approving or automatically just based on traits So all of this is what's really possible and real results from an actual client And if you ever come on our Facebook and periscope streams, you'll see how we verified these we have or come on We have a lot of people chime in they tell us how much credit they get we pull their business credit reports and we verify Because we see the accounts there so we verify all this before we even put it out there and show you that These are the kind of results you get so these are the kind of results you're going to get when you have at least five Accounts reporting on your business credit reports now when you have at least ten accounts reporting Then you start to get to visa cards, then you start to get to master cards Then you start to get the financing without the personal guarantee and without the personal credit check about two weeks ago One of our followers on periscope just got a twenty thousand dollar chase Inc credit card with no personal guarantee with no personal credit check This is when you start to get the auto vehicle Financing without the personal guarantee without sports cruncher You need at least ten accounts to get to this point now a lot of people ask me How long does it take to build business credit well? It depends if you're doing it on your own it can take you years because you're probably going to make a lot of mistakes on The way and I'll show you here, and literally just within minutes how to avoid making those mistakes But realistically how long it takes to build business credit comes down to how long it takes accounts to report on? Average it takes accounts to report about face, so if you come in and get five accounts in step three then you use those accounts you pay the bill from the time you pay the bill it takes about thirty days for those accounts to Start reporting when those accounts start reporting then You actually have the trade lines on there when the trade lines show you can move to the next T's in between these steps to Get the credit used to credit have their credit report once the credit reports, then you have enough trade lines to move forward It's also important to know that here's a big misconception when it comes to building business credit So many people believe that business credits based on the amount of revenue you generate in time and business You know why a lot of people have room to believe that because if you go to an office Depot or Staples their Applications will tell you you need to be in business three years They'll tell you you need a million in revenue But what really? Happens is if you go to Staples or Office Depot with five six seven eight accounts on your credit report eight trade mines and you Don't have a million in revenue You don't have three years in business You'd still get approved so the approvals They issue really are not based on revenue or time in business Why because you can lie about that stuff if you wanted to they need something concrete? You can't lie about and they use trade lines as the real concrete evidence of how? Established your business is you have the trade lines you get automated approvals It's all based on the number of trade lines you have and knowing how many trade lines each Individual source requires to be able to get approved for so here's some actual business credit approvals Here's one for 12 grand

Here's one for 10 Here's one for 22,000 chase credit card to another one for 15,000 from city here's one for 10,000 from Chase one from 8,000 from Inc Here's one for 7,000 Here's one for 50,000 from American Express here's another for 10000 for Bank of America 20 for grant from Amex Here's another 50,000 from Amex as well so again This is the result of what happens when you build business credit You start to be able to obtain a lot of these high limit accounts and in a lot of cases like Marlins you're getting the credit without a personal guarantee and without a personal credit check, so here's another one of our clients Marlin Who's I was looking for a fast way to get money to grow my credit fitrah business? After failing to get approved for loans in several Bank after getting initial vendor accounts I continued applying and getting all types of credit and now have over a hundred business credit cards in my wallets Totaling over a million dollars in total available credit, I fleet credit that I used for auto repairs of fuels I have cash credit cards with most major banks including Bank of America and Wells Fargo I secured almost all this credit without a gear and personal guarantee without a personal credit check And I've been able to get loans with many sources including PayPal cabbage and low rates and loan amounts over a hundred grand So I want to give a disclaimer here look any testimonial that I give you is absolutely real as a matter of fact I do these interviews I do interviews with our clients And this is where these Testimonials actually come from if you ever want our team will get you Marlins interview will get you the samples recent interview I'll even send you one of the samples interviews in a webinar if you're staying to the end I'll send it you in the email I'm going to send your playback secondly how much credit you really get under Grande 250 as we've seen a couple people get a million Dollars plus as Marlin and there's a reason that I made Marlin on the left This is the left image is a screenshot of my interview with him

There's a reason I have him show the cards because let's be real a million in business credit seems pretty crazy So this is why I have him physically show the cards During my interviews so you can actually see that he's really obtaining this credit, so how much credit Can you get it depends on how much you apply for just like with consumer credit? There's no cap of how much money You can use your credit to get how much you get depends on how much you apply for so that's my FTC disclosure is that these results may not be typical What's? Typical for you is gonna depend on how much credit you apply for there's no ceiling of how much you can get or how fast You can get it how much you get depends on how many accounts you apply for how fast you get it depends on how many accounts are applying for in the early stages the more credit you apply for the more you get the higher the limits you get as you just saw in the beginning with trade lines and Again you start to give more and more credit with higher and higher limits This is the end goal of what I'm looking to accomplish for you, so how do you get business credit? How we haven't talked about loans we haven't talked about credit lines so what I'm gonna Do now is I'm gonna show you a lot of the things I told you I would reference I referenced a lot of things really and I said I would show you how to do those things I'm gonna get into that right now and physically show you how our clients go through this process how our clients are actually Building business credit, so you'll see Exactly how Marlin got his results how the samples got their results how all these clients are seeing Actually got real results not just the theory that I went over with you But I'm actually going to give you the inside scoop here I'm gonna let you into something and show you exactly how these clients are getting these results how they're Condensing years of this credit building into only months then after I do a walkthrough here of this Which shouldn't take more than probably 10 minutes Then I'm gonna actually show you the loans and the credit lines and how to access all that So we can still wrap up within our 19 a 90 minute time frame here and get to any questions you may have so This is the home screen of what we call our business finance suite There's a lot of things we can do here, but I'm gonna go ahead and jump in and go to the business credit builder So as we talked about the business credit building really comes down the steps and this looks like a quick Overview of the steps we talked about you set up the credibility you're getting the reports you start building your business credit You access your credit monitoring and you continue to through the tiers of business credit building? So this is what the process really looks like now in our finance suite We actually break this down into sub steps and this makes it really easy for you to get little Chunks done as time permits because we're all business owners We're all busy so when we jump into step one we talk about the importance of that business credibility now You'll see that this finance Suites completely custom user experience, so if you have a business name you say yes You enter your name you move on pretty quick, okay? If you don't have your business name you click no And then we walk through and we introduce you to the Secretary of State records we view those in suspected industries So we talked about those restricted industries earlier, you can make sure your business isn't in a restricted industry So you can come in and avoid in high risk industry names you'll see quick videos And I'll walk you through the actual process in English and in Spanish as a matter of fact if I change this down here too to Spanish you'll see that everything and the entire suite just Completely changed to Spanish in one click quick to change between English and Spanish so the very first thing we're gonna Do is set up the business credibility now remember the samples remember we talked about how she got denied for for bank loans Here's why she got denied step one point two she actually had an address mismatch so we actually will do four checks to make sure that your address meets the criteria that lenders or credit issuers look at like I said I Gave you a quick overview of some of the information they're looking at for credibility There's actually a lot of things that you need to know that you need to make sure that you meet to get approved Well those address mismatches is what was causing the samples to get denied when they fixed it They then were able to immediately come in and get the AMEX I just that's how they got the result they got they got denied with banks They came in they fixed the address mismatch that helped them start to get the initial business credit Which got on the AMEX card which got them approved for the loans so in this we're walking through the same criteria To make sure that your business meets the address Requirements that the lenders and credit issuers have we help you set up your entity here your website and email we get your EIN number For free we make sure your licensing is set up We help make sure your business bank account and your bank Statements actually meet the criteria that lenders and credit issuers have we walk through and help you get a merchant account if you need one We even help you with all aspects of setting up your phone number your toll-free number your fax number and right here If you select your list of one list of a four one one We automatically list you with four one one as well so you don't need to pay the $400 a year you pay we need to pay to list yourself for five hundred a year with services like yaks for two Thousand a year of for places like credit builder we do it here for you for free and by the way yes We do pay for this we do work with lists yourself They're one of the biggest bills that we incur monthly we pay for this for all of our clients And we do it for a reason because the varied one of the most Important things you need to start getting credit in step Three is an EIN number and a four one one and by the way I'm gonna show you a bunch of starter vendors as we jump into step three here So in step one we set up that credibility now keep in mind you do not ever go through this process alone We work with you hand-in-hand What makes our clients go from taking years to months is that they work with our business? Advisers hand-in-hand they will call you they will email you they will call you five times in the first five days They will stay on the phone with you and help you go through the steps They will stay on the phone and help you apply They will be also be available to answer questions you have you can click chat during the day at night? It's helped you can also call or email We're here from 9:00 to 7:00 Eastern Time and we will help you as well as reach out to you to help coach you through the process to succeed why that matters because This what have you apply for the Duns number? It doesn't show up What did you apply for Staples and get denied what if you apply for a vendor credit? And you get denied well again a lot of people get stuck and don't know where to go there's nobody they can go to for Help, so, they spend months trying to find the answers or give up We don't want you to do this so the advisor and having people help you through this process Really is the key of going from it taking years to? Actually being able to get it done in months now, then we help you after we set up the credibility again You're seeing here that we practice what we preach the next thing we do is help you get set up with Reporting agencies we help you get your Duns number, which you can get at no cost even though DMV Will try to convince you that you need to spend thousands for it DMV Will tell you that you need to pay to get your Duns and credit profile? Activated well in this step 2 we get your Duns and step 3 we help activate your credit profile with DMV Equifax and Experian so one click we're helping you come in and actually get your Duns number and We're also helping you do those free checks remember with the importance of looking at your credit reports to see what's on there to make Sure that you haven't been issued a failing score Well right here We help you do the free checks with experience with Equifax and with DMV To make sure that you don't have anything on your credit report that needs to be addressed before you actually come in and start applying For credit the next thing we do is we help you access real starter vendors now These are the creditors that will Curnutt issuers that will give you credit Even when nobody else will now I can show you the bunch of sources here And you can see there's a bunch of them here but there's a lot a lot in showing you that it will make a difference for a couple reasons first of all a lot of These sources are unique to us We actually work with credit with companies that have great product and services We actually help them report to the business credit reporting agencies, and we basically develop exclusive relationships So only our clients are able to actually work with them and build their business credit, so there's a lot of sources We have in here, but you've never seen you don't even know exists because again It's something that our clients have exclusive access to others like quill well It's not exclusive anybody can work with quill, but here's the thing it's not a matter of knowing the sources It's matter of knowing the specifics of the sources so for each source We're listing who they report to why this matters is because Again, we talked about how many trade lines you have on the business credit reports well Basically, they're called payment experiences and one account that reports to two reporting agencies counts as two payment Experiences so if you want to build business credit faster you get credit with the credit issuers that report to two or three Reporting agencies, and then you can really expedite your business credibility So instead of getting five individual accounts to get your five trades You can give two or three accounts that report to two or three? Reporting agencies to get your five trades with each source we list the description what they sell one click to apply And we also make it easy to give you the exact underwriting criteria that you must meet to get approved now Here's why this matters because quill is a perfect example you have to spend 50 bucks to get it reported and Another thing you need to know about quill it takes them 90 days to report the actual account so here's why this matters if You go into quill, and you think they report monthly because you didn't have this information and you spent 30 bucks And then you wait you wait 60 days later It hasn't reported and you go to quill and say why doesn't report and quill says we only report every 90 days you say no Big deal wait another month you wait another month It still doesn't report you call quill and the quill says you have to spend 50 bucks to get it reported You're like come on man I didn't know that well

You just wasted three months worth of time to get one account reported Here's why knowing the underwriting guidelines is so? Important to your success so knowing the tiers the order of credit to apply for so crucial But there are several safeguards that we put in place to help you do it we help you set up your business credibility we gray out any Accounts you Can't get and only add colors through accounts that you can and then we also come in and we list the actual underwriting guidelines for every source So you'll know exactly what it takes to get approved if you don't know this then you make the biggest Biggest and most common mistake in business credit building you're applying for credit out of order before you can get approved The other thing that we do is we all eat Lu with every source exactly how many accounts you need Reporting to get approved And I'll show you that here in just a minute So in step four we save you a ton of money Because you need to access your credit reports to build business credit This makes sense right because to build business credit You need to be able to see how many trade lines are on your credit reports Remember moving from tier to tier on business credit building comes down to how many accounts you have reported well the only way you can know how many accounts you have reported is to actually be able to come in and Be able to see your credit reports So you can come in here and get set up DMVs credit monitoring is one hundred and $59 a month Experience credit monitoring is about fifty dollars a month at Equifax is about twenty, but you don't really need Equifax You need Experian and DMV because that's where most credit issuers report to Equifax Isn't as big of a deal, so those two will cost you two hundred and ten bucks a month And I'm going to show you something really cool with us You don't pit spend two hundred and ten dollars for Experian Indian be you come right over here to two places you can come over To be able to access your business credit reports well Let's go right here to credit report dashboard, and once you do this You'll be able to pull up your actual credit reports with Experian and with D&B You'll be able through our nav integration to be able to see factors that actually affect your score utilization how it affect your score derogatory items how it affects your scores you'll be able to see your actual reports your summary data here You'll be able to see your business information factors influencing your score all the summary information tax liens UCC filings an actual trade mine data, so you'll be able to see this with not anything you just experience But you'll get access to your full DMV reports as well You can see factors affecting your score the same thing derogatory is credit utilization You'll actually be able to see your report data to business information summary data lawsuits UCC filings you'll even be able to come in and see all your trade line information and unlike two hundred and ten dollars going directly to Experian India be the finance we gives you access to the absolute cheapest credit monitoring anywhere its twenty four dollars a month now not everybody Gets this okay? I'll show you here in a few minutes how to get access to it a lot of our clients do not have access to this Okay, but if you are given access they you can get your credit reports for cheaper than anywhere else which is $24 a month versus 210 that saves you 2200 bucks a year plus You can also come in here and fix it accuracies with all three reporting agencies as well so if you have negative information on DMV Equifax and Experian Like I said one-click You're getting access so you can get video training here if you want training on what you need to know or you can just come In here click on DMV Equifax Experian and dispute the it actually so far to date 100% of accounts that we've helped clients dispute have been removed from credit reports I'm not telling you we're perfect than us and that at all I'm telling you at some point We're not gonna get a deletion I'm sure we will but at this point every account

We've ever helped a client dispute has been removed so again We help you fix derogatory items on your credit report as well once We've done So then we also help you come in and read your credit reports because again Credit reports are very different than consumer credit reports with commercial credit reports They don't show a credit issuer name for example They only show the type of account you have they show sometimes three four five six seven eight different kind of credit scores So we help you come in and learn how to navigate these credit reports And I could turn off Spanish here if I want to So you actually know how to read them how to control your scores to make it even easier and faster for you to be able To build this as credit now once you've got those five accounts reporting well Then you can start to get approved for credit here And the other safeguard that we use is we tell you exactly how many trade accounts you need reporting to be able to get approved For even more credit as a matter of fact You can see here what it looks like when I don't qualify I Did this intentionally so you can see what it looks like when credit accounts are grayed out because you don't have enough credit to actually Come in and get approved so you can see here that you get fle credit cards You're getting credit at places like budget ABC and Macy's and autozone lo staples HD Amazon credit This is all the kind of credit that you get when you start to have at least Five accounts reporting now as you continue to build more and more credit then you start to come in and get more and more tiers of credit open for you you start to get off the steep o In staples and tractor supply and Walmart, and you start to get Amazon's revolving and again We're telling you the unaware each one reports to so this is a great it reports to all three We're letting you apply in one click, and we're even giving you all the instructions you need to know on how to get approved for the credit without the personal guarantee on every single source Chevron and BP and Speedway and Conoco and and on and on I could just keep continue to scroll and scroll and score So as I come down here and get to the T top tier 14 trades to report here you start to get Auto vehicle financing and Dell and racetrack you start to get master cards you start to get access to Home Depot and Sam's Club, and and all different kind of accounts a matter of fact We've even got other accounts here that don't report to the reporting agencies But accounts you can still get access to places like Newegg and AT&T for phones and Ford for vehicle financing and PayPal for loans and t-mobile and Sprint Funbox for loans and WAV and I mean Apple and so again It's a matter of now at this point you come in and just app will get access to the actual Credit that you want to get so again now You've seen what the process really looks like Now you're also able to come in here and get Financing so we haven't talked about loans and credit lines so with loans and credit lines But finance we also gives you access to every legitimate loan and credit line that exists out there today We vet them through Thousands of different lenders literally we maintain a list of thousands of different lenders that offer these kind of programs So you can get money even when you can't get money in a bank, so let me give you an example Let's say you have consistent revenue well then that opens up revenue financing it opens up private equity financing it opens up a Turn loans it opens up lines of credit Just based on revenue You can come in you can learn more you can apply as well You're not applying through a bank You're working with art your own finance team We have finance officers and finance processors, so think of it like this when you need money Where would you go well our clients? Just email call or click chat and engage with their finance officer

Then we sit down We develop a finance blueprint we talk about all the money you can get now we talk about even more money that you can get in the future and develop a blueprint for you to be able to actually access that money so if your credits they eat strength is that you have unsecured credit or you have good personal credit or a Guarantor the does so even if you have a guarantor a family member of friends somebody that has been credit Then you can get up to 150,000 and unsecured financing into 0% rates with the 685 goes for we help you get that we also have several many Several mini credit lines as well Maybe you need to get equipment Maybe you need to buy inventory Maybe you need to buy commercial real estate Maybe you have stocks bonds a 401k maybe you have equipment maybe you have account receivables or purchase orders, maybe you have a book of business or maybe you want to flip homes or Maybe you have commercial vehicles you want to buy any of that we can help you get Financing to use things like equipment To borrow against to get money or get money to buy equipment even with good credit even with bad credit We've got options that will work We just included two brand new credit lines one credit line No consumer credit check whatsoever if you have about a hundred grand in revenue You can get approved for it with no consumer credit check and it happens, and you fund within 24 to 48 hours We just added a brand new credit line yesterday

You can get up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars You need a 625 go score to get approved if you have consistent revenue We've got another credit line here through revenue financing just based on bank account management And if you have a good bank account management you don't overdraw your bank account you can get a credit line here with no personal Credit check so tons of real credit lines with zero percent to 5 percent Interest rates based on the strength of your business even when you can't get loans so as you can see You know here's a client that actually went through the process on the financing side Donner's name's dr Brandon K Needed four hundred and seventeen thousand actually pay off a tax lien because he was closed in his practice because the IRS was after him Well, we came in he had credit issues He didn't have collateral a lot of banks had denied him We got multiple rounds of funding we got on the money paid off his higher the IRS He opened up a second practice even ran for public office And so FAR's got over a million dollars 15 million in funding, and how did we do it? We did it because a lender can't do what we do

We combined different kind of financing We got him unsecured financing We got um revenue loans we got um private investor money, so because we work with so many different kinds of funding We're able to get them a lot more money in better terms because we work with all legitimate types of financing not just some so You're watching this webinar on the computer tablet phone Because you're looking for the easiest and fastest way to get money to grow you probably have already Struggled to get the money and credit you need Probably are looking for the easiest solution to get so so when you look at our finance suite You're basically getting business credit your business That's not linked to your social through the top selling business credit This is a system that again We've helped over 10,000 people build business credit today And you're getting access to every legitimate funding option if you don't have this where do you go if any money? I mean how? Sadistic show you will not succeed unless you have access to capital so we make it easy by putting all this business credit Financing in one place and you can do so in English or in Spanish You can come in and get the cutting-edge technology to meet the credibility Requirements before you apply set up your business name correctly set up your entity your EIN Your address credibly get your phone number set up get listed with 4 1 1 which saves you 400 bucks get your website email Address set up check your licensing and online listings for compliance again Just address verification alone we do firt for searches, but almost every business we find fails That's the underlying reason they get denied for loans well You could be denying for get denied for loans again and again banging your head against the wall unless you really Understand the nitty-gritty of what these issues issuers are looking for of credit and lenders And we help you through that process even getting your bank account merchant account set up in a way where those things will even help you get approved for more money we Hope you get set up with all three reporting agencies and credit Activated with the three credit reporting agencies and get your Duns so again Donna Bradstreet will try to tell you it's 1500 bucks Just to activate your credit profile and get your Duns Well we help you do all those things with all the reporting agencies and get your Duns with DMB Without having to pay that we help you fix inaccuracies with all three reporting agencies because stuff happens And if something does happen to your credit report even in the beginning We want to make sure that you have an easy way to fix it we have the largest supply of starter vendors Including exclusive sources piece of people that just help our customers offer business credit to them because we help them Gain the ability to report we worked with them to get their ability to report with DMV Equifax Experian The most store credit use almost every major retail store that you need is available the hard-to-find visa cards the master cards the fleet credit the Auto vehicle Financing none of this requires a personal guarantee or a personal credit check for approval we get you the cash flow financing options with no consumer credit check we get you asset collateral based loans and credit lines with rates under two percent the unsecured financing up to 150 grand private money Alternative sba venture capital loan turn loans and line of credit a lot of them available with no credit check that you may never find On your own all in one place to help you access the most amount of capital as well So if you're looking at you start this makes sense to you if you want to work with a who can come in Build business credit work with our finance suite work with our team to do and I'm gonna do something that I don't Do but only a couple times a year we don't offer Discounts because we don't need to were the only ones that offer Anything close to what we have it's the only system where you could build business credit and get loans It's the only system Where you build business credit with the help of a full advising team? It's the only place where you access all financing products in one place work with finance officers So we don't usually discount but as part of this webinar I'm gonna do something we usually only do a couple times a year And I'm gonna come in and we're actually going to give you a discount if it's something that makes sense for you if you're interested in getting going so our top plan with payments retails for about $7,000 if you go to our website You can get started if you're looking to get started today account here, but we'll work with you on payments I'll give you information Here to contact our team the bottom line is does this make sense for you if you're doing this on your own you're gonna pay Twenty two hundred bucks more for credit monitoring You're gonna do a lot pay even more on your own to do it and work with us And we're also giving you a discount Where you're able to get it going for just one payment of twenty five hundred guys think of it like this Credit monitoring alone is two hundred and eighty eight dollars a year with us if you go to Experian and DMV you're gonna spend twenty five hundred bucks Credit monitoring alone that you save with us is twenty two hundred bucks a year every year You saved that not to mention for one one not to mention everything else that we're giving you where you're actually saving money So it's actually cheaper to work with us And we actually help expedite the results as well well customize a payment plan for you and again this Discounts only available for this webinar period if you're enrolling this week through Friday Then you'll be able to get the discount if not you go back to our normal cost which is about three grand for a bottom Packet everything even if you make your first payment you get access to your own finance suite login you can log in 24/7 through your own URL or and you can also access it on mobile devices because we know you're gonna love it Once you check out you immediately get login credentials our advisors will call you the first day And they'll call you five times in the first five days they continue to call you After that and I'm also going to go ahead and give you a bunch of really cool bonuses one You're gonna get 30 minutes with our initial advising team any Questions you have any help you want you want them to stay on the phone Where you go through the entire step one They'll do so Step two our bonus two I'm gonna get you access to the credit monitoring that not all of our clients have to save you that Twenty two hundred bucks a year

We're also going to give you a free business valuation I didn't show you this, but it's pretty cool We don't add it for everybody But the business valuation lets you see how much your business is worth any Time you actually want to you come right down here to business valuation You enter some basic information about your business here And it will actually give you an ongoing Look of how much your businesses actually work so at any given time if you want to know how much your business is worth We come in and you can use this business valuation tool You'll spend at least five hundred to two grand out there in the world finding out how much your business is worth And I'll pull this up and show you in a second what this actually looks like so you can see how it tallies but again I'll go through the rest of this and I'll pull this up wow I'm actually doing that and Wow, I'm actually coming in an answering bar so to recap you get your own finance suite to access anytime you want you get concierge Service with your business advisors the free Duns and credit profile activation that DME I'll charge 1,500 bucks for I did even show you this But I show you those snapshots of businesses where you can see their experience Access you get that four which is 600 bucks a year, but we give back to you for free You're getting the largest supply of starter vendors and revolving store credit the unsecured financing for up 250 grand if you qualify finance officer team the 341 one listing which is three hundred and sixty bucks a Year the cash the visa cards the MasterCard the Amex a you'll probably never find if you're trying to build business credit on your own We help you fix inaccuracies with all the reporting agencies You're getting fleet credit all of this without a personal guarantee without a personal credit check Auto vehicle Financing in your business name credit monitoring where you're saving twenty two hundred bucks a year cash flow collateral based financing with rates lower than two percent Maybe you can qualify for this now Maybe you can't but the good thing is is for the life of your business we stay with you to help you get money Whatever it is that case so the bottom line is is that you're getting everything you need to be Successful to build business credit as well to be able to do so and I told you I would show you How you can actually do the valuation? Here's what that evaluation looks like and this you can get anytime you want We're going to give you a free valuation report It's a twenty nine page report that tells you how much your business is worth Where it compares to other businesses in your industry, etc, but this is really cool You enter this information in real time it populates an estimate value of your business So anytime you want to see how much your business is worth without paying a dime to do so You basically can come in enter may enter some information with incomes assets etc And it will calculate the actual value of your business, and that's using the business valuation tool Which again this alone? If you try to go look online to see how much it is to get a business valuation It's at least six hundred bucks to to grain that every source we found so that alone is six hundred to grand every time you Want value with this you can get ongoing ideas of value without paying anything extra That's part of the actual bonuses that you'll have Yap, so we just look at their company success tax relief We looked at at the beginning stages where they had fourteen trades there Amex has no limit They oftentimes spend about about a hundred thousand a month on it They have over a quarter million and business credit that they've already obtained so again You'll see at least a few of these examples to go inside with the actual title of the webinar So here's clients have secured over a quarter million They use business credit to make over a million dollars their first year in business And then this year they now make over two million dollars, okay I'll uh I'll start my wife had to step away real quick, but I'm the awfulest sample currently I mean me and my wife film a sample we started a business of any tax relief space and We started actually and I tell this story all the time because it's it's amazing how far we've come but We were we worked at a former company saw that there was an opportunity for us to be able to step out and to do this ourselves and so we had about Twelve hundred dollars that we actually started with I had an old 83 Chevy pickup that I sold for 800 bucks I had a 55 minutes flat-screen TV I sold for $400 and with $1,200 we actually started services and Just following that particular system in doing everything that that the system suggested We were able to obtain business credit So that's great great results so you came to You came your interesting business credit financing? Came to us got started got started building your business credit going through the steps that are outlined in the finance We started to have success built your business credit profile score We're able to then come in and get the AMEX card right after your bank it turns you down so phenomenal result now I don't want to get to the results prematurely But you know about about how much have you obtained so far? Using the steps of building business credit about how much credit have you obtained total overall since you started this process total overall, it's more than one hundred and fifty dollars business credit And then when you have 10 accounts reporting you then move to cash credit Visa cards master cards Etc so I'm gonna wrap this up that real of the business credit portion So what we'll talk on here is just so you guys can see actual real approvals

Here's one for 12 grand Visa Card Okay, here's another visa for 10 grand Here's a chase for 22,000 here's another one for 15,000 here's another one for ten Here's another one for eight another one for seven a credit card for 50 grand that looks like Amex Here's another ten from Bank of America another 24 from Amex another 50 from Amex So this is the kind of real approvals you can get these are real approvals from real customers So you can see what's possible with commercial credit following those exact steps And I want to talk a little bit about financing then I'm gonna show you the fastest way to do what I'm talking about I'm gonna show you the fastest way to build business credit that will help you get everything We just talked about as well, and here's one Another testimonial from Eric who's one of our clients? Hey, everybody knows Eric been using this for about a year and a lot of people will tell you how great it is How amazing the customer service is I just prefer to show you? Take a look and this is a comes from a video, and he's showing his business credit report of 86 score That's what they did for me look at the average national score this thing really works And it's telling him how far above average? he is Hey everybody my name is Eric and I have been using the business finance suite for quite some time now if actually had it about a Year, and a lot of people will get on here and tell you about how great it is And how amazing the customer service is and all of those things I? just would prefer to show you so this might look a little weird on the video, but I am gonna just turn my phone around here That's what they did for me you look down here average national score How's that guys this thing really works I Cannot recommend it more Thanks a real good look at exactly what's possible when you're building business credit following these steps Hey guys How's it going? My name is jarred Are you looking for business credit? I was searching all around Google trying to figure out how this thing worked I have a business

I do real estate I need access to liquid funds at some times It was very quick I needed it quickly accessible and so what I did is I actually went out there and tried to search around and figure it all Out you know Duns numbers net 30 and the specific retailers that you got to apply with it always very it was very confusing to me so anyways I got hooked up with this and what they do is they actually go out and get you unsecured credit lines for your business On 117 I've loaded up back here, but on 117 actually reached out to the guys And he ran me all through the entire program how it works a twosie very simple to understand so I went ahead and went forward on 129 Robert my Specialist assigned to me send me an email letting me know here's where we're at we just started out But here's the very first you know how they gave us Bank we played with us Bank 7000 right out of gate Amex gave me five Boa and chase with the other two banks We've applied with and they were still in negotiation, so there's nothing but right there Let me know legit You know right up front To eight they notified me again, and let me know it kind of blew me out of the water, but US Bank We're still it's the same Amex increased me up to ten BOA went up to eighteen and chase was at thirty Blew me away so lots of money there available for my business whatever I need it Unsecured and you know 0% interest from 12 to 18 months somewhere in there It was kind of blended rate between all four of them on two thirteen was my final email from Robert Let me know that US bank bumped me up to twenty five thousand so the other ones were all the same But US Bank would have had an increase it up twenty five thousand altogether eighty three thousand dollars in about the span of a month I got access to so if you want the exact same thing for your business reach out to the guy Robert all those guys over there know exactly what they're doing They're open communication right there for you give them a call talk to them listen to a webinar Very simple guys take it easy a Real good look at exactly what's possible when you're building business credit following these steps

Hey everyone My name is Clayton Morris I'm the founder of Morris invest we're a turnkey Real estate provider so we have a lot of clients we have hundreds of clients that are always looking to buy Homes with us, and it you know get beyond just one investment or two investments they want to be able to get three four and five investments so to me this was a Game-changer because we wanted to be able to help people Get access to capital get access to funds and the traditional way is hey I go to the bank I gotta borrow some private money But what if you could use the power of tap into business credit cards and actually get some extra capital and? We my wife And I were able to get access to a hundred and right around one hundred and eighty thousand dollars in credit setting up multiple Business credit cards so they took care of everything and I was really impressed with it I said I want to go through this first before we start referring clients and we start with the initial phone call with them Then went through the process of filling out the paperwork very simple They got it up and running and we had about five or six credit cards that arrived with a certain amount of credit on each Of them we were then able to tap into that credit and pull that money out and it enabled us to grow our own Personal portfolio at a level that we wouldn't have been able to do Had we not had access to this capital so I've seen it in action like I said I wanted to go through it first as a husband and wife before we Recommended it to anybody and now we have tons of clients that buy properties through us grow in order to expand their portfolio So I can't say enough great things about them the team there is just lickety-split They are on it They're great on the phone getting answers to questions that you have They teach you all of the creative ways in order to get the money out of those credit cards enable you to buy You know expand your business or buy rental properties use that cash in order to build real wealth? That's what I talk about all the time, so thanks so much you guys are great And I would recommend highly anybody checking them out Thanks so much So I didn't have a bunch of time, and if you want to look through a bunch the other partner resources Etc we will But I promised you I would get to a QA so I want to go ahead and answer any questions that you actually have And again if you're interesting getting started There's the rate then you know what you want and early action takers get rewarded I think it makes sense we give you big incentives if you pay one pay, and if you come in and do monthly We've got really reasonable monthly payments that we're discounting as part of this that we don't ever Very rarely discount and then we're also going to work with you, so if you want customize payments You just have to be honest with us Don't ever not get something like this you want because you don't ask We're the epitomy that if you ask and work with us and tell us what you can do We will work with you to make it work if we can make it work We have expenses to cover that make sense or sometimes

It doesn't make sense but in a lot of cases We will work with you then if you're like yep No brainer You're gonna save me like a ton more money Then this is even gonna be and it makes a lot of sense because I'm gonna be able to come in and get bitter credit Right away everything else was a jump in get go to okay I promised you, so let's do it Let's do a QA Let's go through I want to make sure any questions you have are answered can we get a copy of the webinar yes? If you stayed through the webinar, which you have because it would tell me if you left Then you will get it sent to you through email tomorrow is having only an 800 number for your business enough Or do you need a local number also? You don't really need a local number even though getting a local number with four one one is preferred before one one Our toll-free numbers listing before woman, so you don't need a local number if you don't want to mmm-hmm Is this live or recorded well it's obviously live I guess you know now cuz I answered the question Sound goes off and on I only I saw this during the webinar But you were the only one that reported the issue Which is why I didn't address it my business already has an eighty paid ex and eighty paid ex does not mean much It literally means you pay your bills as agreed a lot of people think that having a good Business credit score is all they need it's not the case it comes down to trade mines in order for you to really Progress through the business credit building process you're gonna need about fourteen trades at least to get to the end That's what you want to focus on, but that being said congratulations on the eighty paydex That's it is paying your bills a great great job

You just want to continue to build the trades That's the key to real success can I start applying for credit through this program you can you can apply for credit? Again use all the tiers of credit We walk through so how much county trade lines you have will determine the tiers and again We had a couple issues here, but it looks like we those did get resolved I think some of your computer was a little slow, but again I saw this during the webinar I just never addressed it Because nobody else was having the issue so that being said that was why I didn't um can we build more than one business? Inside this week You kind of can yes? And I kind of can I mean you can only enter one company's Information in here as you go to build your business credit But you could follow the steps for multiple businesses as you sometimes Canon the reason I say that Mary is because yes You can go through But you can only enter one company's information in these steps as you go through you could follow the same steps for Multiple businesses a lot of people come in and a lot of people will do it difference that as well Hey Eric welcome Thanks for coming in owner/operator cool man located Wisconsin my question is I have met 30 credit terms with companies such as steven land yep You're naming a bunch of companies do they report to DMV my answer is I don't know, but I don't think so the companies You're referencing you Eric I love this question because this is what a lot of people run into a lot of people think they have business credit because they Have credit like you do at steven land and dorfmann Pacific and Bailey hats But none of these accounts that I know have you listed report to the reporting agencies remember over ninety seven percent of trade accounts don't report So you'd have to pull your DMV in rapport which is a hundred and fifty nine bucks a month with DMV to do of course It's 24 bucks a month with us to get experience in DMV But it's worth it to see if they're reporting more than likely they're probably not on your credit report because most of those vendors Don't report, and if not how do I get them to report? Well, you can use the amis credit builder, which is fifteen hundred bucks a year to do that but again You'll only be able to add those to DMV The only other way to get under report is You can have them go directly to the reporting agencies to report or have them contact us We work very closely with the reporting agencies just today I was conversing back and forth with my rapid Experian to help companies get approved for Reporting so you can have them get in touch with us, and we'll help them report as well That's probably gonna be easier than them trying to do it on their own I have good personal credit and good business credit I have two km X 2 K capital one six Bank of America, please I'm interested in getting fifty thousand minutes cover business how can you help well let us know I mean the first thing is a lot Of people think that they have good business credit like they're describing the question is is are these accounts really? reporting on your business credit reports Or are they can reporting on consumer and the real question is is how many accounts are really reporting on your business credit reports? I don't know that so if you have good personal credit You could definitely qualify for the up to one hundred and fifty thousand in Financing without the personal guarantee or excuse me with the personal guarantee That's a great program to get a bunch of access to cash quickly okay, and that's probably the easiest way Yeah, if you're looking for 50 grand

We could probably do that three weeks or less With the good credit We just put you in the unsecured program We can also get it to for you without the personal guarantee It's all a matter of how many trade lines you have to know how fast that can have a cash quickly okay? And that's probably the easiest way Yeah, if you're looking for 50 grand We could probably do that three weeks or less With the good credit

We just put you in the unsecured program We can also get it to for you without the personal guarantee It's all a matter of how many Trade lines you have to know how fast that can have us we need to see your actual business credit reports for the no PG business credit to answer the question how long it'll take but with the guarantee if you're willing to provide the guarantee in three weeks or Less with the credit of 680 or higher we can get it Do you have any recommendations for asset protection? Not my world No I don't there's a lot of great sources out there for it But I just don't know enough to be able to speak to it and or give you references three questions Do you have an age corporation something that is two years older or more is that preferable no? we don't deal with shelf corporations because they serve no no real purpose Thomas the Reality is is that the age of your business has nothing to do with your ability to get business credit or? loans in a lot of cases what it really comes down to is the Established how many trade lines you have on the business credit port for one for two if DMV finds out that you bought an aged corporation they will just red flag the corporation and shut it down so you can't use that credit profile we see that happen quite a Bit we do not sell trade lines

We do not deal with age corporations You're basically trying to fool reporting agency oftentimes They know about it, and they red flag your business, and you're never able to build credit for that business again Just you know that is a possibility That's why we don't work with it second question will credit creditors increase your limits over time on your vendor cash in store credit Yes, they will and we also teach you how to get those limits raised Ongoing as you continue to have the credit, but they will do it sometimes they won't do it naturally sometimes There are some steps you have to take and we help you with that process as well Can you obtain unsecured lines of credit based solely on business credit with no Social Security PG? No bank accounts a TV eventually you can Build business credit and get it without the social and without the PG you typically should have a bank account though In a lot of cases when you start to get to that point They're gonna want to see that you do have a bank account Also, looks like you've been very good product coming from a credit consult myself Thomas I really appreciate that that means if I go through the process simultaneously two LLC's would I be accessible running? Yeah? Yeah business credit? Yeah Yeah You can you'll definitely get double the amount of credit on the business credit side loans and credit lines you have to build out both companies, but yeah absolutely The more entities you have the more business credit, you can build if you haven't opened a business yet Or finance suite still works as you've seen we help you through the process even from step one so we help you do it Right right from the beginning We help you come in and set up the business entity we help you set up your EIN We help you get your name You can see the finance suite You'll fly through step one pretty quick if your business is already established But if you're not established in your brand new or congratulations We're helping you do this Right here from the beginning the right way I've got friends that sell just step one for two to three thousand dollars They own a call center

They just help businesses set initially and business setup services or two to three grand That's just what you get step one so we'll help you through that process in step one Even as a brand new business so absolutely we can definitely help you do that Based on the three ways you outline to get initial credit if you have excellent personal credit score's is that the fastest way to? establish the initial five trade lines Yeah, it is It is I would you can do both if you find vendors and step three you want I recommend you do it, but I really like and I love the the unsecured program We do this to matter of fact several the credit lines in here We do as well the one that I said you can get up to a hundred grand with no credit check We have that when we love that credit line of the unsecured business financing where you get up to honor fifty grand We've got we go through these programs because we don't we don't we vet stuff before we put it into our clients The new credit line we just got access to yesterday we applied for that today to get approved We don't even really use a lot of our credit lines We do it Just to make sure they work as as advertised from the lender, but yeah this is the Fastest way get this program get with our team will help you get this this will put five trade lines on your credit report pretty Quick within about a month to two months or why about a month? It's not done faster than vendor credit Vendor credit if you give vendor credit right now a little report next month with this It'll report a little faster, but not much so yeah It's about as fast as the vendor option both are about as quick the difference with this option Is is you're usually putting five to fifteen thousand or higher? Individual limits on the reports because the limits are so high from the beginning Then the rest of the credit you get after the store credit etc has pretty high limits as well So this is the fastest way to get much higher limit accounts vendor credit isn't a lot slower than this it's about Equal when it comes to speed wise so you know a Jim great question I appeal box and Google Voice Oh my gosh, John you you have two negatives You gotta get rid of both You cannot use a peel box You absolutely fail, and you cannot use Google Voice? I don't know why I really don't know why but a lot of credit issuers for some reason deny people Because the Google Voice we found not sure why yes you do need to get both you To get a real physical business address virtual address or use your home address one of the other the other problem with the home address Guys a lot of people don't know this is hey guys and gals I should say to be politically correct is the home address that in Bradstreet will now put a street view of your actual address on your credit report So we have some clients really freaking out because they have street views of their home on their commercial credit reports Which is what the reporting agencies are starting to do another reason to consider using a virtual address? But yeah, you cannot use appeal box You cannot use Google Voice those to our big know knows just you know is it harder for an online business to get business credit no, it's not and Nonprofits and profits are the same – it really does not matter But just remember Lorenzo if you want to be credible and really not even look like a home address Well, then get a real physical business address, or just use a virtual address It's a shortcut to make you just look as credible of Businesses that have a physical office does having 20 km business credit with personal guarantee with Chase will that be a problem going forward No It's not you're just you're gonna want to build your credit to get it without the Personal guarantee unless you want to continue to be liable for your business You know I have a Capital One smart card it reports on my consumer credit reports to I don't use it because it reports on my consumer credit reports It's my card of last resort, and we never need a last resort card So we don't use it so make sure it reports on your business credit reports not your consumer and keep it open That's a great account to have Even with the PG while you continue to build business credit without the personal guarantee is Using a mail forwarding service helpful sure you just never want to use a Pio box or UPS address you use a business of business physical business address or an actual virtual address and virtual address does mail forwarding It's the same thing don't use like I postal as a service that makes it look like it's a virtual address But it's really a Pio box so you got to be careful with that kind of stuff? So just make sure it's a real Physical business address that you're using is the ad back is having only an 800 number enough, or do you need a local number? I answer that question

You don't need the local number does this work for nonprofit absolutely all nonprofits can build business credit We even have financing that can work for you I have an auto business and do auto sale That's awesome Shawn Congratulations I love your industry Details an auto repair would be a good idea to make a different website for each service since auto sales is considered high-risk I would I don't well that's actually a pretty good question auto Repair in sales these aren't really considered to be high risk in the lending world and a lot of cases so I Wouldn't I don't separate am I keep them all together if you start to run into denial issues I'd consider it But I don't think you will get denied based on I think you're okay What were the rest of the starter vendors that will give initial credit to begin with I heard you line and quill? I went over you lying quill, and I went over Wells Fargo as well They have a secured credit card another one is strategic network solutions And then you saw a bunch more in our finance suite But the reason for that is is because we have a bunch of exclusive ones But you would be able to access those anyways because again, it's they they offer business credit because we helped them offer business credit So they can help our customers

I haven't done a Bradstreet number company within ein That's the starter phase, but of course as you saw in this webinar There's a lot more that will still need to be done does a low bank balance affect business credit No, it doesn't patrick But as you build business credit and in the business credit miller step one we go over some things about your bank account you should Know about the financing credit allow you to get to go to foreclosure auctions with two to three days to pay for property You're not gonna You know I'm not exactly sure the question is can you go to pay for property? Yes, we have a lot of funding programs credit lines and loans that will help you buy property Yes, if you're asking to do in two to three days We have some credit lines that can be delivered to you in two to three days Others might take a few weeks or more so hopefully that answers answers that question We're the only ones that offer Anything close to what we have it's the only system where you could build business credit and get loans It's the only system Where you build business credit with the help of a full advising team? It's the only place where you access all financing products in one place and work with finance officers So we don't usually discount but as part of this webinar I'm gonna do something we usually only do a couple times a year And I'm gonna come in and we're actually going to give you a discount if it's something that makes sense for you if you're interested in getting going so our top plan with payments retails for about $7,000 go to our website You can get started if you're looking to get started today, so got a few other bonuses I wanted to throw in as part of this as well the first is a 30 minute initial consultation call with the advising team They're gonna Call you and you can ask him any questions you have spend time with them have them help you with any process that you want Help with initially we're getting you access to that D&B nav is Not available that credit monitoring integration is powered by nav it is not available to all of our clients We're getting you access to that so you Actually save the twenty five hundred bucks a year that you're gonna spend and only get it for twenty seven bucks a month we're gonna Give you a free business valuation Do you know how much your business is worth? Do you know the things you need to do now to make your business worth more money? We've got a twenty nine page Report from biz equity that you'll actually get access to that will tell you how much your business is worth and that will actually walk Through what you need to do to make sure that it's worth the most amount of money It's worth about six hundred bucks applying for Amazon

It's not a matter of your score It's a matter of how many trade lines you have So you need to have at least five to even start thinking about getting approved for store credit If I got the 150 funding option using my PG, can I eventually get more funding yeah? That's the whole purpose of what we do remember When we build business credit guys the first step is to get five trade lines reporting then you can start to get no PG credit The 150 an unsecured just helps you get those five trade lines reporting faster So then that way it makes it faster for you to get the note PG It just expedites the process Marketing supplies for the company sure that's a Visa card to MasterCard and Amazon you're buying that stuff I can't sign up with Equifax You can't we only deal with our nav integration deals with Experian in DMV not Equifax There's a reason for that not a lot of people report to Equifax That's why of every ten sources you apply for with business credit Maybe one even reports to Equifax So we don't advise our clients to even pay for Equifax because so few report there that we want to save money That's why thank you so much Robert I appreciate you coming in if I use the cosigner option with their credit be effect that I already answered that for somebody else and How can we move the money into a self-directed Roth IRA are? Finance team could help you do that with IRS proven strategies where there's no penalties But that's a little bit too complicated of a question to ask here So that being said I am writing perfect on time 2:58 awesome presentation I'll be purchase soon Gregory, but I look forward to work with you guys look You know me I will give you tons of free information that will help you along the way But it's just like anything else you know if you don't know everything that we know collectively Then it's just going to take you a lot longer Time to get the results we can help you get and that's what you have to ask is Do it's time or money with us We can work with you on initial investment and monthly payments to make it affordable to work with us We save you the four one one and the D&B and all these extra Costs you're gonna Get nickel and dime for it's all part of our system so when you look at it We save you more money than you would spend on your own and you work with our team and go through the fastest way to Get money so if you want to get the Fastest access to money to get the business off the ground whether you can get a loan Or you can't we have all those solutions for you, but it's not just fast and then you're done We work with you indefinitely our finance team will continue to work with you to help you with all aspects of getting business loans and credit lines whenever you Need us were here so our job is to help you even in the beginning stages get access to capital when no one else will Help you help you we do it through a lot of loans and credit lines people don't know about and we also help you do It through commercial credit once We've done that then we help you get even more money without the personal guarantee Using commercial credit so right now the first thing we're going to do is get you access to all the loans and credit lines you Can qualify for right now then we're gonna help you build commercial credit to help you get even more money Without a personal guarantee without a personal credit check But if you do like it because you start to get results which you will then now We've just given you a v-line to get the money You need to actually grow the business, which is your ultimate goal? We're gonna help if you can't get financing now We help develop a finance blueprint to help you get money in the near future So we help you with all aspects of getting business credit financing

We just expedite the process We just make it easy and fast to get the results Because if you see if you go to our YouTube channel if you go to our Facebook You'll see so many people have Thousands of quests Jen's because they get stuck and they don't have anybody to turn to our customers don't have that problem They get stuck They immediately turn to us They immediately get an answer and immediately get results that helps take a process that could take you years on your own Just a months so that being said I'm going to go ahead and wrap this I mean we've been doing this We've helped over 10,000 people build business credit over 10,000 people build business credit and of the 10,000 people We've helped business credit We have no client That's ever complained about us ever it's never literally we have an A+ BBB rating We're not we're not we didn't pay them We're not whatever they call with where you have to pay the money to get it We earned it because we've never had a complaint in the lifetime of our company We've got tons of video testimonials here

You can actually see real Vista video testimonials You can see actual business credit results here funding case studies Where five star right rated with Trustpilot as well And you can see all the comments from real clients here and the real Experience you see we keep our Fords and our threes and anything else we keep them all so you can see it's real So at some point you have to say look I'm dealing with the company here That's got all these people that have had real success and a plus BBB rating with no Complaints a 5-star trust piling rating tons of proof they can do what they say they're gonna Do you know and there's nothing really Nate so I'd love to work with you guys I have to go I'm already late for my 3 o'clock partner or the offer expires Friday at midnight where you get those bonuses and save the 20%? So make sure you check ghusl Thank you all very much I appreciate you all coming in and attending today, and I hope you all have an awesome day Thanks

Everybody have a great way You