Growing A Business with Lines of Credit – Spark Business | Capital One

(upbeat music) I started working with Capital One about eight years ago We were growing very quickly, and yet we were totally cash poor

I started asking everyone I knew, what do I do? Every business owner I knew, they said oh, it's easy, go get a credit line It just wasn't so easy I started asking around, and nobody would take a chance on us, nobody I met Carrie in 2010, and we worked together understanding their business and trying to get them their first line of credit to scale up their company That hundred thousand dollar line of credit changed the entire trajectory of the business

I wanna be able to grow at the level that I think we can I consider myself more of an extension of their business When anything is happening in their company, more than likely, I'll get a phone call to discuss how the bank can support what they're trying to do with their company Jose is the best business partner I have worked with He really understands our business and genuinely always comes from a place of wanting to help

You have to realize that their company is really an extension of their life This is who they are He's been at my Passover Seders, we go to Mets games together, forget it I mean he's somebody that will be a friend for life What excites me most about what I do is when I see the customers grow their companies, hire staff, and really look at you as the person that was a part of their journey

I see Likeable's relationship with Spark Business continuing for a long time They are not like a typical bank, they are way, way better