Debt Relief -Want Lower Monthly Payments on your Credit Cards?


Getting a better and lower monthly payment on your credit cards means that you need to negotiate with your credit card companies on how much interest you should be paying. By doing this you will be able to get the lower monthly payments longer term.

The main thing you have to do is Stop Using Your Credit Cards! I know sounds harsh and hard to do but if you do not you will never lower you monthly payments they will just continue to increase as will your debt! And the whole exercise of getting a lower monthly payment is to reduce debt.

So when you call your credit card company to negotiate, because lets face it they are not going to call you to negotiate, have your last three bills to hand and talk to them to discuss a better rate of interest. Remember this is the way you are going to get a lower monthly payment from the credit card companies.

Your monthly payment is calculated as a percentage of your overall balance so by pushing for the lowest possible rate you can get you will be able to reduce your monthly payments by a fairly considerable sum each month.

Should you be in a situation where you need lower monthly payments because you have more money going out than you have coming in then you need to consider a consolidation loan in order to reduce your payments significantly and quickly. Do not hesitate to do this if this is your situation to get some help as negotiation of lower monthly payments may not be enough for you to get you into a better situation.

The main not to do is nothing. If you need to get lower monthly payments or just do not want to pay the credit cards their huge fees each month do not sit back and do nothing act now and you will get your lower monthly payments.


Source by Steven Turner

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