Debt Management – Ten Easy Ways


Debt is a burden when it is too high and when you find it difficult to manage with your existing finances. If not well-managed it can lead to a serious financial crisis and you may land up paying off important assets to settle it.

Here are some ways to manage debts.

• Consolidate your debts. This is an effective way to manage you debt, because the new debt you have to pay off will be at a lower interest rate than the older ones.

• Go in for credit counseling. You may be at a well-paying job, but because you do not have an apt plan to manage finance you are landing into debt. Credit counseling helps you to sort this situation by assessing how to portion off part of your income towards payment of debts.

• Take a home mortgage. You can use the money to pay off your existing loans and repay the new loan with lower monthly installation.

• If you are running a business which is seeing a couple of losses now and as a result you are in debt, take on the services of a business coach. Business coaches are great at motivating and helping you get into the right track. They offer better insight into how to handle your business as well.

• Increase you monthly contribution towards payment of your debt []. This way you pay them off faster and your credit ratings improve.

• Pay off the high interest rate first then over on paying the high debt amount. Once you have a big debt burden off your shoulder, the other problems simply fall into place and are quickly resolved.

• Look into your existing financial situation and find out to what extent you are deep in debt and if these debts can be paid off is a short while. If you come to the conclusion that your debts are only a temporary problem which can be solved in a short period of time, call up your creditors and explain the situation to them.

• Opt for a credit card with a lower rate of interest [] and transfer balances on other card to this one. There are many credit card providers with special "balance transfer" deals.

• If you have made some investment and you have taken debts that equal to an amount which can be paid by some of these investments, sell something to pay it off. You can cut a huge slice of your financial problems this way.

• If you have the tendency to over-spend, you need to seek professional counseling to help you tackle this because this is the source of the debt problem. If you have your spending tendencies under control, the only solution remaining is paying off the debt.


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