Capital One Spark Plug Program

A majority of small business owners around the country are–are confident and optimistic about the economy, where their businesses are going They're looking up for 2015, which is a great thing

What we've also seen is that business owners have shifted their focus to focus a bit less on recovery and stabilizing their business, and a lot more on growth How do I grow my business? When should I invest? And how do I invest? This is great news for business owners It's also great news for our economy So as optimistic and confident as we are, looking forward into the economy, the smart business owners that I know are always prepared to make sure that, if things go south, they are ready to handle those problems We ask business owners, you know, what keeps you up at night? And they told us that they're really concerned about how to market their business

In fact, our research showed that 40% of business owners have not marketed their business in the last six months, even though 70% want to They aren't really sure who to turn to, so when they've executed their marketing campaign, what do they do if things don't go the way they plan or how do they get that great advice? Our recent survey indicated that just over 90% of business owners don't have a mentor Your customer has to always feel that you are on the cutting edge of bringing them the best things ever, and that's why they're buying into your brand, because they trust you Your customer always wants to feel like they are part of the ride, so you have to improve You always have to look at your numbers

You know, you always have to look at the staff You always have to look at your marketing and your production and your distribution lines These are all things that you must absolutely work on every single day so that you are on the cutting edge If you want to be successful, you have to be a conductor, 'cause if you look at the conductor of an orchestra, they have all these expert musicians in their pit, right? And they play their instruments to absolute perfection Right

The conductor himself or herself is not an expert at playing each and every one of those instruments, but he gets them all to play in harmony with one another Real serious entrepreneurs who do not take no for an answer, they take affordable next steps They know they're gonna fail way more than they succeed They can't be stopped I love what we're doing for Spark Plug, directly helping business owners get more customers

And that's the most important thing to a business owner: how do I grow my business? And getting those new customer relationships There is a great organization called BusinessAdvisingorg What they do is they provide mentors These are executives at corporations that are donating their time for the purpose of providing mentorship services to small business owners like me

When you understand and master the fundamentals of business, you can build upon that foundation anything you want But when the foundation's not solid, when it's not mastered, you can have the best looking facade in the world It's gonna crumble