Business Credit Cards with EIN Only… Part 2

All right then Welcome back to part two of how to acquire business credit cards with your EIN only

Okay and my name again is Sonja and like I said in my first video I am a business loan consultant okay with SCH Capital Group We help business owners struggling to get approved for funding get approved If you want any information on that you can visit our website at wwwSCHCapitalGroupwebsite

Okay now, we help business owners get approved for alternative business funding, okay That means it doesn't necessarily go off of your credit and you won't have to wait six months, three months, a year or anything like that to get approval You'll get your approval within 24 hours nine times out of ten and your funding nine times out of ten but within 72 hours so again for more information you can visit our website at wwwSCHCapitalGroupwebsite or give us a call at 1-888-406-5785 for a consultation

Okay first I'd like to say that if you didn't watch the first video then you need to go back and watch that first because you need to know all of these steps in order to apply and establish business credit Okay, in the first video we went over corporate entities, your legal business name and your EIN which is your tax ID or your employer identification number Now I'm trying to keep these videos as short as possible so that I don't lose your attention I know how short the human attention span is trust me mine is like 20 seconds I can pay attention for like 20 seconds then you've lost me

Okay, that's why I'm breaking these videos up I say you don't have to watch them all at once you can come back to them whenever you're ready to keep going Now that that said, let's get back to it Alright so now that we went over the topics of the last video let's get back to business, and speaking of which Business is the next topic and again we are on business credit cards with ein only how to build business credit part 2 Alright and in your business you're going to need a deliverable physical address okay it can't be a p

o box or a UPS box or anything like that and only use a home address as a last resort all right if your business doesn't have a deliverable physical address and you can choose the virtual office okay and now we're on to virtual office options there are different types of virtual office options that you can choose from first one is mailing solution all right that's where you receive mail and packages that your dedicated business address the second one is boss a small business solution that's a professional business address dedicated phone and fax numbers receptionist services and part-time use of fully furnished offices and meeting rooms and your third one is your pretty much full-time virtual office that's where you get your full-time private office with receptionist services dedicated phone fax and internet services full furnishings meeting rooms and more now which are virtual offices I'm gonna go ahead and recommend some I don't know if it's gonna be underneath this video or if I'm gonna send you to a link to my website to get the services there's a few that you can choose from I know of a few that I can recommend they range anywhere from around $50 a month to it could be different ones it really depends on where you go so uh it could be a couple hundred dollars a month depending on what you're looking for and who you're dealing with so I'm gonna go ahead and recommend some of those services it'll probably be underneath the video video or I'll have a link to a website that has all the information from these slides on there okay so on to the business phone alright if you want to obtain business credit for your business then you need a business phone number phone numbers should be a toll your phone number should be a toll-free number if it's not a local business Okay if it's a local business then you know of course you can get a regular local number but if it's not then it needs to have a toll-free number in order for them to look at you as a credible business Alright there also needs to be a fax number okay and later on I'm going to show you where you can get your phone number and fax number all right your phone also needs to be listed with 400 and I think I mentioned this before your phone number needs to be listed with 401 directory under the business name and as I stated before all this all your information that you give to these people I'm going to stress this all the information that you give to these people need to be the same exact information that you give to the next person Okay all these little steps are there to ensure that your business looks credible to providers and and vendors Even insurance providers will verify that you list it with 401 directory assistance

alright so next step is to make sure that you have the proper licensing for your business The proper licensing ,alright You want to make sure that you have it and all of your licenses have the same address on them Like I said before I'm gonna stress this You need to make sure all your information is the same on all of your paperwork with all the agencies that you're going to be dealing with

Contact your state county and city government offices to see if there are any required licenses or permits that you need to obtain in order for your business to operate legally Make sure you do that I don't know how much to stress that you need to make sure that you are operating legally or creditors will not take you seriously They're just gonna think you're just somebody trying to pull a scam You need to make sure you're operating legally not only because of that but because you need to be legal, okay

A good business credit report and score are essential for getting business credit aAgood business credit score can save you money with lower interest rates, provide business credit without the need for a personal guarantee and improve the overall image of your company Business credit scores can range anywhere from one to a hundred The higher the score the less the credit risk a personal or business is Alright and you want to get a copy of your business credit report to see what's on it then you can obtain the copy of your business credit report at Experian Equifax and dun & bradstreet

You can get a smart business report for 3995 @wwsmart businessreportscom and this will allow you to see if you have a business credit score at all, okay It'll tell you if you have one assigned or not if you don't have one signed then nothing will pull up okay and you can see if you have an active experienced business profile and check on the inquiries

Alright you can also check get get your credit report at Equifax which you will get it at Equifaxcom The link is right there I'm not gonna go through all that it's a lot I'm gonna also post it either in our blog or under this video but you know I wouldn't really waste my time with Equifax because a lot of vendors don't even report to them Okay and now we're on to your Duns number from dun & bradstreet and DUNS stands for that of Universal numbering system okay but what is done in Bradstreet and what the heck is a Duns number, right? We know what it stands for not but what is it? D & B is a company that provides commercial data analytics and insights for businesses A Duns number is the data Universal numbering system, like I said Okay it's a nine digit identifier for your business it's the number that dun & bradstreet use to identify your business

It's the way that the government knows that you exist Alright obtaining the Duns number begins the process of building your business credit profile with them okay and creditors are gonna look for your Duns number Obtaining your Duns number we're also playing an important role in enabling your business to borrow without collateral or a personal guarantor and you'll also qualify for a larger credit limit with okay cost anywhere between two hundred and ninety nine to seven hundred ninety nine dollars ten one but that's only if you want it within the same business day if you're in a hurry and you can't wait and you just need it now it's gonna cost you between that much but if you want one for free then you may have to wait a few days but you can do that by going to wwwdnbcom and just filling out the application and applying for one, okay

And that concludes this video and I will see you guys on part 3 Thank you guys for watching again my name is Sonja I'm with SCH Capital Group okay our website is wwwSCHCapitalGroupwebsite Like I said, you can visit us at wwwSCHCapitalGroup

website Guys thanks for watching see you in the next video